Do We Take Mosquitoes Seriously Enough?

mosquito on water

Before we know it, it will be time for graduations, backyard BBQ's, pool parties and summer weddings. Unfortunately, this glorious time of year also brings with it the arrival of mosquito season. With the wet and soggy winter and spring, we are seeing more and more mosquitoes that are not only a pesky nuisance but can also cause some pretty serious health problems. There are several things you can do to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your summer fun and help keep your family protected as well.

Problems Mosquitoes Bring

Let’s first talk about how annoying mosquitoes are. They buzz around your ears with that irritating sound that alerts you to the fact that you are about to get an itchy bite. Their bites can itch for days and can leave unsightly red bumps and even swollen welts.  

As if that wasn’t bad enough they can carry several diseases, including:

  • West Nile Virus – Found in mosquitoes in the New England area, this disease usually doesn’t cause a reaction in most people, for those that it does it can cause mild fever and rash. However, for some people, including the elderly and small children, the virus can be life-threatening.
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis – Found in infected birds in Connecticut and Massachusetts this illness can cause a high fever, stiff neck and joints, and severe reactions. 

There are other mosquito-related illnesses that can be contracted elsewhere but aren’t native to the New England area, such as malaria, Zika virus, and yellow fever. Most people don’t want to take the chance of being bitten either way and risk contracting any type of illness.

Preventing Mosquitoes

Whether you want to prevent the risk of serious illness or just want to get rid of the annoying biting pests, there are some things you can do to reduce mosquito populations on your property.

  • Drain standing water
  • Keep the grass short
  • Clean up grass clippings, wet leaves, and other yard debris
  • Don’t over-water the grass or gardens or leave the hose running

Even if you are able to implement all of these techniques, it will not be enough to eliminate mosquitoes on your property. Professional mosquito control from the experts at American Pest Solutions is the best solutions. This can be a stand-alone service or something added on to your year-round pest control plan. What the service includes is:

  • Focused treatment on areas where mosquitoes like to live and breed
  • Treatment every 3-4 weeks through mosquito season April – October
  • Service for special events like family reunions or pool parties

With Mosquito Guard from American Pest Solutions, you will have peace of mind that your family is protected from these annoying pests.