Green Pest Control

Water droplet on a green grass blade.

Do you want to get rid of pests, but you don’t want to harm your pets, wildlife, or the Eco-system? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at American Pest Solutions, we are on the cutting edge of green! That’s right, green pest control. How can pest control be green? You wonder! Well, simply put, it is the mindset that would allow pests to live in natural settings at acceptable levels. It is a mindset that uses monitoring and exclusion methods that will keep those pests in the great outdoors where they belong. It is the mindset that uses the least invasive control products, and only as a last resort. It is the American Pest Solutions mindset that puts environmentally sound pest management practices in place while protecting your health and public safety.

First of all, some pests can actually be beneficial when in the wild, doing the things they are designed to do. This being said the goal is not to wipe out entire species, it is more about controlling where these pests are allowed to live and “work”. As we look at these pests we have to think of the idea of thresholds. We have to be able to measure the impact these pests are having on our health, safety as well as any economic impacts the presence of these pests may cause and determine at which the threshold goes from being a general nuisance to becoming a danger. This is where monitoring and exclusion methods become very valuable.

The highly trained and certified experts here at American Pest will first inspect and monitor your pest issues. They will be watching the pest activity on your property to determine the right and good balances biologically, culturally, and physically. Each pest found will be monitored for population size, occurrence, and for the presence of any natural predators. They will find nesting sites and entry points and offer expert advice and real solutions to repair any places where pests may be gaining access to your home or business. By keeping nesting sites away from structures and sealing access points, you greatly lower your risk of an infestation.

Obviously, no pest in your home or business is a good pest. Any existing pests inside your home or business must be dealt with. Once the access issues have been identified, the pests inside your structure must go. Our commitment to the environment and the use of green techniques ensures that we will use the least invasive control products and the least amount possible to deal with these insects. In fact, we will only use chemicals as a last resort and will always employ non-chemical management tactics first.

Lastly, our professionals are not afraid to pass on their knowledge with you, your family, your staff, and the public in general. In fact, the battle is mostly won with education. Teaching you about the habits of these pests, their dangers, and how they live and move helps us all avoid inadvertently inviting these pests into our homes and businesses. Also, early intervention is critical when you want to avoid the use of chemicals. The sooner the subtle hints of pests are noticed the better off you will be which is why we offer ongoing education to ensure that you will know what to look for to catch pests quickly.

If keeping pests and their dangers from your home or business in an environmentally safe way is as important to you as it is to us, give us a call. We would love to talk with you about the green options that we have available.