Are Bed Bugs Attracted To Dirty Laundry?


Ever wonder how bed bugs know how to find your bed? They can sense and are attracted to both the warmth of our bodies and the carbon dioxide we breathe out. They know if both of these things exist, they're in an area where they'll have access to their food source: your blood! New research shows bed bugs are also attracted to items that contain human odors – such as our dirty laundry.

University of Sheffield Bed Bug Study

When bed bugs were studied in a room the size of a bedroom, it was discovered that dirty laundry is more attractive to bed bugs than clean laundry. And, if carbon dioxide in the room is increased to a level similar to what is experienced in a room with humans in it, bed bugs begin to seek the human.

The findings of the University of Sheffield bed bug study are important because they show that when people are traveling, they should avoid keeping their dirty laundry on the floor or otherwise out in the open in a hotel room. If the hotel room has bed bugs, they could be attracted to your dirty laundry, climb inside, and get a ride into your home where they will seek out your bed.

Preventing Bed Bugs

  • When traveling, prevent bed bugs by storing soiled clothing in sealed bags or washing them in hot water and drying on the highest setting before packing the clothing to bring home. 
  • Avoid buying secondhand furniture, or if you must – make sure to thoroughly inspect it for bed bugs before bringing it into your home.
  • Place your mattress and box spring inside protective covers that eliminate hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Vacuum thoroughly and frequently to eliminate any hitchhiking bed bugs that have found their way into your home before they have a chance to reproduce.

Professional Bed Bug Control

If you find yourself waking up with little red bumps on your skin or you see evidence of bed bugs in your home, call us for professional bed bug control. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and having one or two in your home can lead to having hundreds of them very quickly. Bed bugs are a difficult pest to get rid of once you have them, so leave it to the experts to ensure they are eliminated and give you the ability to get a good night's sleep!