The Not-So-Innocent Christmas Mouse

Mice on the floor

Television will usually portray mice as these innocent little critters just staying out of the way and making a home for themselves. They are cute, furry, lovable creatures that spread Christmas joy around the world or tell a story of hard times when an adorable mouse family struggles to find food in the wintertime. These stories are warm and heartfelt, but in real life, an infestation of mice in your home can be very dangerous to your health and home.

While the mice on television have neat and tidy little homes that they tend to, in reality, they are inside our walls, ripping things to shreds to make a nest. These same cute little mice with pink tails and twitching noses are in fact carrying bacteria, viruses, and parasites into your home, unknowingly contaminating our food sources. The television shows the mice nibbling on a wedge of cheese, but in your home, they are gnawing on your furniture, floors, and door frames. The movies show mice helping people as they live together in harmony, while in reality, they are gnawing on electrical wires and plumbing pipes, causing fires and water damage. They are most certainly not the cute little innocent critters television makes them out to be.

Mice really are just looking for secure shelter, warmth, and food for the winter months. A place to breed and raise their young, but the truth is they are bringing diseases into your home that can affect your family and pets. They can also cause major damage to your home and personal belongings. You can help to prevent mice from finding ways into your home and help to make your home less attractive to mice as well. You will want to seal up all entry points, so take a look around the outside of your home and find any cracks, crevices, gaps, and holes that you need to seal. Repair damaged or warped doors, windows, vents, screens, and window and door frames. Keep your food sealed in containers that do not allow mice access. Fix any leaky pipes and faucets that may attract mice, too. If these tasks seem time-consuming and costly, you can call on a pest control service that has a rodent removal and control division to help.

American Pest Solutions can help, with our comprehensive rodent control services in Massachusetts and Connecticut. We help with mouse control, clean up, and exclusion with our comprehensive pest solutions. We have high standards regarding humane pest control resolution while removing the mice, while at the same time preventing them from causing any further damage to your home. If you like the idea of Christmas helpers, see how American Pest Solutions can help keep your home pest-free this holiday season.