Christmas Visitors You Should Not Invite Into Your Home

A close up image of a bed bug on skin

The holidays seem to be a pretty fantastic time of year. Christmas shopping for loved ones, the gathering of friends and family, some familiar and maybe some new. And of course, the food. There are just so many great things surrounding the holidays that it’s hard not to get caught up in a bit of that holiday cheer! One thing is for sure, during the holiday season our homes will see likely more visitors than they will the rest of the year. Many of us take pride in keeping our homes clean, safe, and warm. That begs the question: Who do we let in and who do we not?

Let’s break this down, starting with the visitors we welcome. Families generally come bearing gifts, food, and overall joy. It is fair to say we should probably let them in, after all, it is part of what makes the holiday season so wonderful! I would say it’s fair to put friends right up there with family. Visiting with those we love tops off the season, and if they have a plate full of cookies, well, I don't suppose we would complain about that either.

Then we have the gray area. The folks that we MIGHT let in. As the Christmas carolers arrive, we might invite them in for a cup of hot cocoa or to warm up before they venture on to the next house. Maybe your kids brought the majority of the neighborhood children back from the friendly snowball fight, but all the same, we might tend to use a little discretion here. After all, we cannot just let EVERYONE in, though we may be a bit more inclined if it’s below zero!

Last, and quite possibly least, we have the ones we NEVER let in. Under no circumstance, for no reason, no matter the temperature or weather, the answer is always and must always be no! To whom possibly could we deny passage into our beloved homes? Bed bugs of course! We can probably all agree here, there is no reason to invite these pests into our homes. The worst part about a bed bug? They don't necessarily ask before they come in. Truth is, they probably don't even take their shoes off, but how do we spot bed bugs once they have gotten in?

First off, bed bug infestations can easily go unnoticed if you don’t know what you are looking for. One of the first signs of bed bugs in your home is the bite they leave. Bites can come in lines or clusters, and they are prominent due to the requirement of a bed bug to feed in order to grow. Bites will usually be small and red, however, everyone reacts differently. That being said some don’t react at all. Fortunately, there are a few other ways to detect bed bugs. As bed bugs feast they leave behind drops of blood. Finding reddish-brown colored stains on upholstery, bedding, walls, and carpets is a good way to spot them. Of course, you could always find the bug itself. You will often find them along the seams and creases of furniture and upholstery, hiding behind wall hangings and inside dressers, nightstands, and closets. Along with the bugs come their shed casings. As they feast and grow, they shed their skins, which you might find in piles near infestations, and of course, as they grow, they lay more eggs. The eggs are small and white, and it's common to find them near your mattress.

Preventing The Problem

  • Always make sure to wash new and used garments in hot water after purchase.
  • When purchasing used furniture, always inspect it thoroughly.
  • Always try and keep coats and bags up off of the ground.
  • Always try avoiding mattresses that have been used.

Prevention While Traveling

  • Always wash clothing after coming back from any trip, even if it is unused.
  • While using public transit, always keep personal belongings off the floor.
  • Before taking your seat anywhere, always check it for signs of bed bugs.
  • Prior to settling in a hotel or guest room, always check it before bringing in luggage.

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation on your own could certainly be a losing battle. Without the proper tools and technologies available to bed bug control professionals, infestations are likely to return if treated with DIY methods. American Pest Solutions offers a variety of techniques from how they find bed bugs to how they get rid of them. From our bed bug detection dog to non-chemical treatments, there is no infestation too big or too small. We offer a free evaluation, so make sure to contact us today. Don’t let bed bugs be a problem this holiday season and make sure unwanted guests stay exactly where they should…..out of your home!