The Secret To Effective Mouse Control In Western Massachusetts

Mouse in a cupboard.

Mice are a common menace to homes throughout Western Massachusetts, especially during the colder months of the year. More mice invade homes and other buildings during the winter than any other season, so it’s important you know about these pests and how to handle them.

This article will outline the basics of mouse control in Western Massachusetts, starting with how to identify mice correctly. Then, we’ll talk about some of the harmful diseases mice spread. Knowing the potential dangers these pests can pose is the key to controlling them. After that, we’ll talk about what makes mice so hard to get rid of and give you some tips that will help you prevent them from getting into your home in the first place.

To finish, we’ll review some of the many benefits of working with a professional pest control company, such as our trusted team at American Pest Solutions, to get rid of mice in your home for good.

How To Confirm That It’s Mice In Your House

As with most pests, correctly identifying them is the first step in any good mouse control process. Mice are small rodents, usually measuring between 4 to 8 inches long. They have round bodies with fur that ranges from light brown to dark gray. Most mice have white or cream-colored underbellies, though some might be a more yellowish color. They typically have pointed snouts, large eyes, and large ears. Mice have four feet and hairless tails.

Aside from seeing mice themselves, other signs can indicate their presence. Finding damaged food packaging, mouse droppings, or runways can be giveaways that you have mice in your home.

In the next section, we’ll talk about a big issue associated with mouse problems – the spread of disease.

The Diseases Spread By Mice

Mice are dangerous creatures to have in your home, partly because of their impact on your health. Mouse urine and feces can cause allergic reactions and even asthma attacks. In addition, mice spread a number of harmful diseases, including salmonella, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever.

A mouse infestation can persist for a long time if it’s not dealt with decisively, and the longer it lasts, the greater the risk.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Mice?

Mice are highly resourceful creatures. They can fit through openings as small as a dime, jump impressive distances, and gnaw through materials such as wood and plastic, given enough time. The rapid rate at which they breed can make getting rid of them completely a challenging task. However, taking preventative steps against mice can significantly reduce their impact. Here are some mouse prevention tips that will help you protect your home:

  • Seal any cracks or gaps in the exterior of your home
  • Don’t leave food out overnight
  • Reduce excess moisture in and around your home
  • Take out the trash regularly

Following these steps will make it much more difficult for mice to get a foothold in your home. If you need help getting rid of these pests, you can always call American Pest Solutions.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home For Good

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