How Can I Get Fleas Without Having Pets?


Fleas are a very tiny pest, really only the size of a fleck of dirt, but they are tough as nails. The flea's flat body is covered in a hard shell that makes them almost impossible to squish or squash. Fleas are a parasitic pest that feed on the blood of mammals, they aren’t too picky about their host, and will feed on wild animals, livestock, pets, and if given the opportunity-people. Fleas can cause a lot of problems for homeowners, once they find their way inside they are very difficult to eliminate, and they can transmit diseases and parasites like tapeworm to both people and animals. Also, their bites can leave behind red itchy welts that when scratched can cause a secondary infection that requires medical attention. Fleas can also become dangerous to pets if they are heavily infested, the fleas constantly feeding on their blood can lead to them becoming dangerously anemic.

Speaking of pets, it is not just homeowners with pets that need to worry about flea infestations, a flea infestation can occur in any home. Every property owner needs to be vigilant against these tiny, highly invasive pests. The most common way that fleas are introduced onto properties is by wild animals that are traveling through. Skunks, deer, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, mice and other wild animals travel across your lawn and have the habit of leaving their fleas behind in the grass. When you or your kids spend time outside the fleas may jump onto you or your clothing and are then introduced into your home. Other ways that fleas can enter into home include:

  • On or in used furniture, clothing, and rugs that are purchased and are already infested with adult fleas or their eggs.
  • If you have a mouse or other type of wild animals like a raccoon or squirrel living in your home, they could be infested with fleas and can cause an infestation.
  • When you move into a new home or apartment and the previous owners had pets, flea eggs may have been left behind which eventually hatch and infest your home, furniture and other belongings.

The pest professionals at American Pest Solutions want to provide you with the following tips to help avoid a flea infestation from occurring in your pet-filled or pet-free home!

  • After spending time outside make sure to inspect you and your kids for fleas before coming inside.
  • Remove bird and other wild animal feeders from your property. They attract the wild animals that can introduce fleas onto your property.
  • If possible don’t purchase used furniture for your home, and if you do, make sure to vacuum and thoroughly clean it before bringing it inside.
  • Make sure that your pets are on a flea preventative that is recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Frequently vacuum the floors in your home, shampoo carpets; pay close attention to the areas of your home where your pets spend most of their time. Routinely wash your pet’s bedding.
  • When your pets spend time with other pets, or at a kennel or boarding facility inspect them for fleas before letting them come inside.

Whether fleas enter your home on you, your pet, a wild animal, or on a piece of furniture, the result is going to be the same. You are going to have tiny, jumping fleas infesting practically ever corner of your home, if they are not quickly treated for and eliminated by a professional pest control expert. At American Pest Solutions, our experts have the experience, training, and modern treatment solutions needed to develop a tailored plan to completely eliminate any size flea infestation from any size home. Contact the Good Guys at American Pest Solutions to learn more about our solution to fleas!