Where Do Flies Come From?

cluster fly on house plant

When people ask the question, "Where do flies come from?" It is usually because flies are driving them nuts, not because they don't actually understand the process. But it is interesting that this simple description of where flies come from is the easiest way to address the broader question of: "Where are all these flies in my house coming from?" Here's what you need to know.

There are a lot of different flies that can make themselves a nuisance in your home; but, for simplicity, let's look at the cluster fly as an example--since all flies will infest your home in a similar manner.

Stage 1, Flies appear

One day you wake up, go into the bathroom, and notice a tiny black speck flying through the air. You have a busy day ahead, so that speck hardly gets noticed.

When evening comes, you notice that a speck or two flies past the television or the screen of your computer; but, since bugs are so common, you don't pay much attention.

The next day, those specks are larger. This is because cluster flies go through 4 instars (development phases) before they reach adulthood.

Day three, you have lots and lots of flies!

Stage 2, Frustration

When flies appear, frustration follows. This is when most people will look for DIY solutions on the internet and clean everything in their home. This process may also be accompanied by a continued effort to chase down and squish every fly that makes its presence known. It may even become necessary to get out a vacuum.

Stage 3, Defeat

After days of squishing, vacuuming, and cleaning, you realize that you're missing something. These flies aren't going away. It is important at this stage to start gathering information about the infestation you are currently facing. Most importantly you need to figure out where those flies are laying their eggs and address the breeding sites. If you don't, you're not likely to ever kill enough flies to win the battle.

Sometimes breeding sites can be found and eliminated without the need for a professional pest control company; but, if the flies you're dealing with are coming from something dead in your wall void, something rotting in your attic, or organic matter decaying in some secret place of your home, it may become necessary to have someone with an education in entomology root out the cause of your continued infestation.

Flies of all kinds can be mysterious; but at American Pest Solutions, we take the mystery out of fly infestations. If you're wondering where all the flies are coming from, and you live in our extensive service area of Massachusetts and Connecticut, American Pest Solutions can help you figure out where those flies are laying their eggs and stop them from reproducing. Contact us for immediate assistance.