The Secret To Common House Spider Control

House spider found in sink

Yes. There is actually a secret to controlling house spiders in your home. When most people try to fix a spider problem, they attack the symptom, not the root of the problem. We're not talking about you. We're talking about those other people. What they do is vacuum or sweep away webs when they find them or use a piece of paper towel to squish those spiders and throw them away. But, as you probably already know, this doesn't get rid of the problem. It doesn't address "why" the spider decided it was a good idea to build that web in the first place or what conditions drew that spider into your home. Are you ready for the secret?

The world of bugs is an ecosystem. If a bug has come into your home, it is usually because it is looking for food, water, and shelter. This is what bugs do all day, every day. Now you can't do much about the shelter part, but you can deter spiders by reducing the other two factors.

What you consider to be food is different from what spiders consider to be food. Understanding what spiders eat is the first step in deterring them. You see, the reason they built that web inside your home is because they were trying to catch something in it. If you have flies and other bugs crawling around your home, your home will be attractive to spiders. Not only will it be attractive, you will be actively encouraging those spiders to come out of the walls and establish themselves in your common area. By reducing other insect pests, you can reduce how often you see spiders. Here are a few ideas. 

  • Seal your trash.
  • Keep things clean.
  • Keep dishes in a sink full of soapy water instead of in a dry stack next to the sink.
  • Keep fruit in the fridge.
  • Put pet food away between meals.
  • Outside your home, consider replacing any white lights with yellow insect-resistant lights.

Spiders also need a drink. But what spiders consider to be a drink doesn't have to be all that much water. They can often get it from a faucet with a very slow drip or a weeping pipe. Adding dehumidifiers and fans strategically around your home and fixing leaks can keep things dry enough to make spiders decide to go to someone else's house.

The easiest way to get rid of spiders is to have ongoing pest control services from a pest company. A pest technician will make routine visits and address all the pests that are invading--not just those spiders. A technician will look at the entire ecosystem and address it as a whole.

Having a pest-free house costs a little money, but it is a significant quality of life upgrade that will also keep your family healthier and your home equity protected. When you're ready to make that upgrade, reach out to us. We'd be happy to help.