What To Do About Flies Buzzing Around Your Hartford Kitchen

fruit flies on lime

Belonging to the order Diptera, “true flies” are types of winged insects that are among the most common household pests. Some common types of flies include house flies, cluster flies, fruit flies, and more. Most flies lay their eggs in areas of moist organic material and may spread harmful pathogens that contaminate food and surfaces as they travel indoors.

Are you looking for answers regarding how to get rid of flies in your house? Many types of home-invading flies will begin breeding indoors, which often results in relatively minor fly intrusions quickly developing into larger infestations that are unmanageable. For this reason, the best option is an experienced Hartford pest control professional who knows how to eliminate flies and the best ways of preventing further problems.

How Flies Get Inside Hartford Homes

In many cases, fast-moving flies in Hartford simply enter homes through open exterior doors or windows. Using their small bodies, flies will also enter homes through small openings such as gaps that exist around doors or windows, torn window screens, or areas of damaged weatherstripping.

Most flies cannot survive cold winter conditions; therefore, flies are much more prevalent during the spring and summer.

Where do flies go in the wintertime? Many common house and cluster flies will overwinter indoors within walls or attics.

What Can I Do To Prevent Flies?

What is the best way to keep flies away from my Hartford-area home? Consider some of the following recommended prevention strategies for limiting flies:

  • Adopt excellent cleaning habits indoors and around the exterior areas of the structure
  • Promptly place leftover food in the refrigerator or durable, sealed containers
  • Fill any gaps around exterior doors and windows with weatherstripping and repair or replace torn window screens
  • Remind other occupants of the home about the importance of fully closing entry doors and windows.

As this list suggests, those seeking to limit the presence of flies around and inside homes should adopt a multi-faceted strategy that involves limiting attractants and implementing exclusionary measures. Those struggling with active fly infestations should promptly contact a local pest management company regarding the best available treatment options for these undesirable pests.

Factors That Could Be Attracting Flies To Your Hartford Home

What are some of the most common attractants that homeowners in Hartford should remain aware of? Flies will commonly target uncovered trash cans containing scraps of food. Yards containing dog droppings are also often a haven for flies.

Property owners that allow access to types of fruit and produce often struggle with fruit flies. Certain fermented items, including beer or wine, will also attract fruit flies. Fruit fly problems typically worsen quickly, as these pests breed in drains, garbage disposals, and trash cans. Females will sometimes generate hundreds of eggs in only a few days.

Why Call The Pros For Flies In Hartford

Are you wondering how to get rid of small flies in your home? Too many local homeowners try do-it-yourself home fly control products such as sprays or traps sold in home improvement stores. Unfortunately, many of these products are ineffective and simply result in further frustration. A better solution involves contacting a local pest control company for safe and efficient treatment options.

American Pest Solutions employs trained service technicians who understand how to stop flies in your home. Our experts will inspect your property for any likely points of entry or property conditions that encourage these types of flying pests. We remain committed to operating in ways that ensure the protection of our customers, their pets, and the local environment.

For superior home pest control solutions in Hartford, contact our office today.