Rodent Dangers In Rhode Island

Mice eating food in a Rhode Island home.

What you can't see won't hurt you, Right? In the case of a rodent infestation, most of what can hurt you will go unseen. Whether you own your home or run a business, it is important to understand the many invisible dangers mice and rats pose.

Homes and Businesses

When you start to hear thumping in the walls of your house or find rodent droppings in the backs of your drawers or cabinets, there are a few things you need to know. Most of these apply to businesses as well.

  • Rodents have two front teeth that never stop growing. These teeth must be worn down by constant gnawing. That means, even though you can't see them doing it, those rodents are chewing on things inside your walls. They'll chew through sheet rock and create holes for heat to escape. They'll chew into insulation and thin the barrier that holds cold air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter. They'll chew through wires leaving them to rub against each other and cause sparks that could ignite dry wood material and insulation. Even though you can't see them crawling over those severed wires or see the sparks fly, your property is still in danger of being set on fire.
  • The places inside wall voids where rodents hide are filled with their urine and excrement. Though you can't see how filthy those areas are, it doesn't keep those rodents from passing through them and picking up harmful bacteria on their fur.
  • You won't generally see mice and rats wiggling around in a dumpster and scurrying through a filthy culvert system, but they do.
  • You won't see the bacteria on your counters where rodents have rubbed their fur while searching for food in your kitchen, and you won't see it on the bananas or other food you've left on the counter.
  • In your attic spaces, those little chewers will bite holes into boxes and use the material for their nests. If you have valuables, like garments, wood items, paper, or other things that could be chewed, they could be in danger.

Commercial Facilities

These creatures are known to chew through steel mesh and jump as high as 3 feet. This allows them to get into places you wouldn't expect, and spread bacteria and disease. If you run a business that stores, transports, sells, or prepares food, rodents can deal a significant blow to your brand. These little chewers can create a ton of headaches with their constant gnawing.

If you have rodent issues in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, give us a call. We've been protecting homes and businesses since 1913. We can help you protect yours.