Are You Ready For Some Football?

Football party food.

When you read that title, did you sing it in your mind? If you're a football lover, that Hank Williams Jr. jingle is seared into your memory. In fact, there are tons of neurons in your brain dedicated to holding information that will probably never help you outside of football, things like: names, statistics, past plays, possible draft picks, historical data, and hours of commentary. But then there are things you've learned that only a football fan can truly understand. Important things like: You're nothing without your team. Success can end in an instant. It is impossible to win every time. If at first you don't succeed, try again. You win by setting goals. There are winners and there are losers, but losers can come back and be winners again.

So, as football fans, is there anything we learn from our favorite game that can apply to protecting our homes from household pests? There sure is. Game day isn't complete without snacks. Whether your idea of a snack treat is bacon wrapped in bacon with a side of bacon, or you prefer something that won't put your heart into cardiac arrest in the first two bites - football and food go together. How do you make your home less inviting to football fans? Tell them there won't be any food.

Pests And Food Go Together

  • When pests crawl in, let them find your rugs and the counter space under your toaster free of crumbs.
  • When bugs check out your kitchen, don't let them find a stack of dirty dishes next to the sink. Put those dishes into soapy water.
  • When ants send in a scout or two, don't let them find a giant dish full of food. Put your pet's food in the fridge between meal times.
  • When mice roam through your pantry or cabinets, let them find your food in sealed plastic containers. Paper and cardboard are horrible food protectors, and rodents will make short work of getting into them.
  • When cockroaches squeeze in through your exterior walls, let them find your basement dry and no rotting food between your stove and your counter.
  • When fruit flies zoom in, don't let them find fruit on your table or counter; and you won't have them laying their eggs on them.
  • Don't let bugs or rodents find an open trash can. This is a food source for almost all pests and a breeding site as well.
  • When spiders come in, don't let them find anything tasty. Spiders think flies are yummy. Fewer flies mean fewer spiders.

So, what do we learn about pests from football? If you would rather those pests hang out at your neighbor's house, tell them there won't be any food at yours. "Thanks, football! I knew my love for you would come in handy someday."