The Best Way To Protect Your Western Massachusetts Business From Pests

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Pest infestations can cause issues for all types of buildings, whether you own a house, a hotel, or an office building. But treatment is often a little different when it comes to a work environment. If you’re worried about pest infestations in your business, you need specialized commercial pest control in Western Massachusetts. American Pest Solutions has all the answers to protect your business from pests. 

The Many Pests Threatening Businesses And Commercial Properties

Many businesses deal with the same pests that infest Western Massachusetts homes; this isn’t a reflection of your business’s cleanliness; pests can get into any building at any time. Once they’re there, though, they begin to cause problems that affect your commercial property, employees, and clientele. 

Many other pests infest local businesses, each with consequences for a company. Bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents are just a few. If insects or animals are getting in the way of your business running the way it should, you should contact a commercial pest control company near you for help. 

Tips You Can Use To Minimize Pests Around Your Business

Most pests enter buildings looking for food, water, and shelter. Any environment that provides one or more of these to any pest species is more vulnerable to infestation. Try implementing these general pest prevention tips to make your building less susceptible to pests.

  • Seal any cracks or holes in the walls
  • Make sure to store all food in airtight, solid containers
  • Clean up spills, especially food spills, immediately
  • Dispose of garbage properly using receptacles with tight-fitting lids
  • Repair anything causing excess moisture
  • Inspect storage areas frequently

Holes in the walls and other openings, such as space between baseboards and walls, can become entry points for pests. Even the biggest insects are still small, and most wildlife pests can fit into tight spaces, so don’t discount tiny openings.

Food is one of the most significant factors when it comes to pest infestations. Insects and rodents can easily get into plastic bags and cardboard boxes. If you have ample food stores or a breakroom where employees keep food, do your best to avoid easily damaged packaging. Clean food spills quickly so they don’t attract pests.

Many pest species thrive in humid environments. Leaky pipes, faulty fans, and poor ventilation can create moisture that attracts pests; this may take more intense repair work, but it’s necessary for pest prevention.

Storage areas like closets and cellars often harbor pests because they aren’t visited as often. Pests prefer to stay out of sight, so they’ll gravitate toward the areas where they can hide. If you inspect your storage areas regularly, you can catch any pests hiding there, preventing more from moving in. 

Sometimes, even the most thorough pest prevention practices fail. When that happens, you need to make sure you’re applying the best pest control practices for commercial buildings that you can. 

Five Mistakes Western Massachusetts Business Owners Make To Attract Pests

Do-it-yourself pest control can be difficult. Many pests avoid being seen, and the signs of an infestation are often subtle. Once you’ve discovered an infestation, you need to be sure you’re using effective control methods. Business owners often make these mistakes, leading to longer-lasting infestations and further damage:

  1. Assuming your business is immune to pests: Unfortunately, many buildings can develop pest infestations. It isn’t always an indicator of your business’s cleanliness; sometimes, they just happen.
  2. Trying to treat infestations on your own using home remedies: Sometimes, do-it-yourself treatments can help remove an infestation. However, you should base them on an understanding of the pests. Sometimes, home remedies just aren’t enough to clear up an infestation. Don’t waste time using homemade treatments that aren’t effective.
  3. Not performing an inspection: Thorough inspections of your property allow the correct pest identification, meaning you can use the most effective treatment options. Inspections also help you find any underlying issues contributing to an infestation.
  4. Not treating the root cause of an infestation: No amount of traps set will work if there’s still an easy way for the pests to get into your building or if food is left out for them to find. Performing an initial inspection and acting on those findings are essential parts of pest management.
  5. Waiting to treat an infestation. Many people, when they see one insect or mouse, are tempted to brush it off as “just one.” Pests rarely exist alone. They build colonies and reproduce quickly, causing the infestation to grow. If you see one, there is likely more hiding out of sight.

When it comes to commercial pest control, the best and safest option is to contact a professional pest management company. The longer an infestation drags on, the worse it will be for your building, employees, and clientele. 

The Best Way To Ensure Long-term Pest Protection For Your Business

American Pest Solutions provides effective and affordable commercial pest control services for businesses in Western Massachusetts. We ensure proper treatment and control that s the best option for you. All of our technicians have training from a board-certified entomologist, meaning that all our treatments are scientifically based. Our entomologist can also look at your property firsthand to provide more information.

All of our service visits begin with a thorough inspection of your property, allowing us to learn as much as we can about your property and the pests that have invaded it. We also look for those underlying causes so we can help you prevent future infestations. We can provide the most effective treatment options because we base our pest control methods on a scientific understanding of the pests. Call American Pest Solutions today to learn how we can protect your business from all types of pest infestations.