Husky Carpenter Ants In Hartford Causing Damage

Carpenter ant Hartford CT

Here in Connecticut we love our Huskies. You can always tell when the Huskies are home by the large crowds, the increased traffic, and the appearance of navy and white all over town or by catching a glimpse of Jonathan the Husky. But did you know that not all huskies in Connecticut are beloved?

When those husky carpenter ants are ‘home’ they are not loved at all! They eat through wood making pathways to their favorite food sources causing damage to your home. If left unchecked, these little huskies can cause major damage to sills, studs and door casings. They can even cause the structural integrity of your home to fail! It is easy to tell when they are in ‘town’ by the small piles of sawdust and wood shavings lying around. You may also observe large numbers (more than 20 can suggest a colony) of worker ants or winged reproductive ants in or around your house. If you suspect that carpenter ants may be at home there is one easy way to tell.

Tracking your pesky, husky carpenter ants can be done by using honey or tuna packed in water as bait. Spread around a bit of this bait and turn off the lights. Use a red light flashlight (ants can’t see red!) to follow the ants back to their nests. The best time to track these destructive little creatures is from sunset to midnight especially in spring and summer. Be sure to look where firewood is stored, along foundations and outside walls, in basements, garages, and around plumbing and vent entrances. Also, knock on the wall of the suspected area and put your ear against the wall to listen. Carpenter ants communicate by using their jaws to make sound – and it’s actually audible to the human ear!

You can help your unwanted husky ants from feeling welcomed in your home by using these simple steps:

  • Eliminate high moisture areas
  • Replace moisture damaged wood
  • Elevate wood piles near your home to allow circulation and store as far away from your house as possible.
  • Remove shrub and tree stumps and roots from your yard
  • Trim over-hanging branches around your roof and eaves
  • Prune branches that touch electrical lines or other wires connected to your home

If after defending your home against these unwanted ‘huskies’ you will most likely notice that they have dug-in and are ready to stay, it is a good idea to call a professional to fortify your line of defense. Professionals like our local, family owned American Pest Solutions can lead the attack against these unwanted pests. We have the education, expertise and licensing to deal with your carpenter ant infestation. Our board certified entomologists have developed Pest Guard, which is a complete integrated protection plan. Not only do we eliminate current pests, but we also proactively prevent new pest problems and monitor for termite invasion. It is important for our beloved Huskies to train all year to stay on top of their game, and it is just as important for you to defend against pests all year to stay on top of your pest control game.