Massachusetts & Connecticut Now Considered High Risk For Lyme Disease!

Tick Biting

In a recent news report from WPVI TV 6 Action News it was reported that Lyme Disease is on the rise and that high-risk areas have spread across much of the Northeast including Massachusetts and Connecticut. A high-risk area is determined when the rates of occurrence for Lyme is at least twice the national average. And those areas have doubled from 130 to 260! According to the report, there are on average 20 to 30 thousand new cases reported annually but many experts believe that the number could actually be as much as 10 times that rate.

Many parts of Connecticut have long been considered to be high-risk for Lyme Disease, but the number of areas is swelling; and Massachusetts has now joined the group of states with the illustrious distinction of growing high-risk-for-Lyme Disease areas (along with many other New England states). It is thought that, with development, the habitat for mice, deer and consequently ticks is moving closer to urban areas with the highest risk areas being wooded suburban and ‘country’ settings.

Lyme Disease is transmitted to humans when an infected tick bites us. The best home prevention for avoiding the ticks that can carry this illness is to follow a few basic rules when venturing outside.

  • Always wear long sleeves and tuck your pants into your socks when you are going to be in or near tall grass or wooded areas.
  • Use a bug repellent with at least 20% DEET
  • Always check your family for ticks once you return home from your outdoor adventure – especially in hair, around the neckline, under armpits, and around your waistline and legs.
  • Take a shower or bath immediately upon returning from the great outdoors to wash off any unattached ticks.
  • Create a border around your yard by putting at least a 3 ft. barrier pathway of rocks or wood chips where the woods or tall grasses meet your property.

Even with our most aggressive precautionary measures it is still nearly impossible to avoid these dreaded little beasts – especially in these expanding high-risk areas! Truly, the best way to have peace of mind while enjoying the outside world is to call on a professional pest control provider like American Pest Solutions. Our family owned and operated local company has been combating pests in our neighborhoods for over 100 years. We use integrated pest management techniques that are proven to work against ticks and other pests that breed and live here. Why call an impersonal nation-wide conglomerate when you can have a local family-owned expert that lives and works where you do and has the understanding of your local pest control needs? With the ever expanding risk of Lyme Disease it is a wise move to call American Pest Solutions to set up your consultation today.