How To Effectively Deter Sow Bugs In Western Massachusetts

Colony of sow bugs.

Many people aren’t familiar with sow bugs until inadvertently stepping on one and getting a strong whiff of a very unpleasant odor. At American Pest Solutions, we offer effective pest control in Western Massachusetts to wipe out sow bug infestations in and around your home. Read on to learn more about these odd critters, their characteristics, and how enlisting an experienced pest management company can help keep your West Massachusetts home pest-free.

What Do Sow Bugs Look Like?

A sow bug has a flat, oval shape, with two pairs of antennae and seven pairs of legs. They are around one centimeter long, and their appendages look more like multiple tails. Despite being referred to as a bug, they are a land-dwelling crustacean that has more in common with crayfish and lobsters than insects. They breathe through plate-like gills situated underneath their abdomen. Sow bugs range in color from light to dark gray and have a hard shell-like exoskeleton consisting of seven segmented plates. They are the only crustaceans who have evolved to live their lives on land.

What Attracts Sow Bugs To Your Yard?

If you look around your yard, chances are you have the perfect environment and items that sow bugs find very appealing. These insects flourish in moist habitats and consume decomposing organic materials, such as leaves, mulch, and other plants. It is not uncommon to find them roaming through your garden, nestled in bushes, or congregating around your foundation. Once they’re close to your property, it’s easy for them to enter your home through tiny structural cracks. You’re most likely to find them in damp basements or garages.

If you’ve noticed sow bugs in or around your home lately, contact professional pest control that handles sow bugs in Western Massachusetts.

Ways To Deter Sow Bugs Naturally

Unlike other critters you typically find crawling in your garden, sow bugs are relatively harmless to humans and don’t pose any health hazards. However, their ability to emit a pungent odor when scared or crushed is enough to try and keep them away. Check out these five natural sow bug control methods:

  1. Blast infested plants with a strong stream of plain water to remove them.
  2. Scatter diatomaceous earth near your plants.
  3. Mist your plant leaves with a soapy water mixture every two to three days for two weeks.
  4. Stack firewood far away from your home’s exterior.
  5. Attract insects to your garden, like lacewings and ladybugs, that feed on sow bugs.

Also, be cautious when using diatomaceous earth, especially when your plants bloom. You could destroy beneficial insects that pollinate, like bees and butterflies.

Professional Removal Of A Sow Bug Infestation In Western Massachusetts

The saying that there’s strength in numbers is true, especially for a large group of sow bugs on your Western Massachusetts property. Although these nuisance pests are harmless to humans, it can still be frustrating having to risk stepping on or squashing them, only to experience that noxious stench they release. But you can avoid the hassle of tip-toeing around your home by enlisting the help of a professional exterminating company.

Our knowledgeable team at American Pest Solutions has all the resources and tools of the trade at our disposal to get rid of sow bugs in your home effectively. We have multiple decades in the business and a proven track record of restoring our resident’s comfort and safety. Allow us to develop a customized action plan to tackle your sow bug infestation. Get in touch with us today for your free evaluation.