What's That Sound?

A mice hiding inside a hole in the cement walls

Have you ever been awakened during the night listening to the unusual sound of something scratching on the wall or in the ceiling? Was it someone outside trying to get in? Was an intruder already in the house? You get out of bed and flip on the light, but the sound has stopped. Was this all your imagination? Were you just hearing things?

The next morning, you see strange marks on the butter that had been left out on the counter. They were tiny scratch marks and certainly not made with a butter knife or fork. By now, you are becoming quite perplexed. Towards lunch time, you open the pantry to get a loaf of bread and discover a hole in the bottom corner of the package, and the edge of the bread has a piece of crust missing. As you move the bread, you see strange little droppings about 1/4 inch in length and pointed on the ends. All the missing pieces of the puzzle have finally come together. It may be that mice have moved into your home.

There is nothing unusual about this, considering the time of year. Mice cannot be fooled by seasonably warm temperatures; they know cooler temperatures are on the way, and that will drive mice inside in their search for food, water, and shelter. The track marks in the butter and the droppings on the pantry shelf are clear signs that at least one mouse has found his way inside. However, the scratching on the wall could point to the fact that, more than likely, you have the beginning of an infestation of mice.

This clearly is not what a homeowner wants—and for several reasons. An infestation of mice can produce a foul smell from mouse urine and feces. This smell will become increasingly worse as they begin building nests and producing their young. Mice are quite prolific and can quickly get out of hand. They will contaminate any food in which they come in contact, spreading germs, bacteria, and disease.

Another concern of mice infestation comes from their constant need for gnawing. Those incisors grow continually and can only be kept at a manageable length from gnawing. They can destroy wooden corners of furniture, chew holes in wallboard and wood trim, and even chew through wiring. This, of course, creates the potential for fire hazards.

Regardless of whether you have house mice or field mice, they must be dealt with. A rodent infestation cannot be ignored. American Pest Solutions, when contacted, will assist you with rodent control, clean-up, and exclusion. Our board-certified entomologist provides on-going field training and specialized education for the entire professional staff. This gives you the assurance that you will receive the most effective service possible. American Pest Solutions has served residential and commercial customers in Massachusetts and Connecticut for many years with customized, comprehensive pest solution programs designed to meet your needs.