The Accidental Christmas Present

A close up image of a bed bug on skin

Christmas is over. All the presents have been opened, all the family gatherings are done, and all the dishes have been washed. You're in the spare room tidying things up now that your guests have headed back to their homes. Then, you find something: tiny rust-colored bugs crawling around on the floor near the outlet. On closer examination, you notice black streaks on the outlet cover and at the baseboards beneath. What on earth is this? You've never had bugs before. You have just found an accidental Christmas present.

What are these bugs?

If you find oval, rust-colored bugs crawling around your house after someone has visited you, there is a good chance you have bed bugs. These bugs don't need to be on a bed to be bed bugs. They can be found practically anywhere.

Do I have dirty friends or family?

When you find bed bugs after a friend or family member has visited, it can lead you to wonder if they are dirty people, but, the truth is, bed bugs are not attracted to filth and dirt. They are attracted to blood. If your family and friends have blood in them, bed bugs will love them as much as you love them. Possibly more!

Where did my friends or family members get bed bugs?

There are many places bed bugs can come from. The guest who stayed in your spare room could have brought those bugs from their house; but, more often, they pick them up along the way. If they stayed in a hotel or motel, they could have gotten the bugs from there. If they traveled by bus, train, plane, or taxi, they could have picked those bugs up from any of these. Bed bugs can feed on humans even when they are fully awake. For this reason, they can be found in many public places.

What do I do about this unwanted Christmas present?

Bed bugs are nothing to mess around with. These pests have been known to torment families, and they are notoriously difficult to get rid of. It would be one thing if they only lived in beds, as their name suggests. But sadly, these pests can live in a wide variety of locations in a home. So, to effectively eradicate them, you need specialized knowledge. It also helps if you have the world's most effective bed bug detectors: K-9 inspectors.

If you find your guests have accidentally left a bed bug present for you, the K-9 inspection service from American Pest Solutions is the first step. We'll isolate those bugs and apply the exact treatment that is needed to exterminate those bugs.

Don't let unwanted Christmas presents torment your family. Let American Pest Solutions fix your problem quickly and discreetly.