Well, Hello There Mr. Cluster Fly

Cluster Fly

Let's get to know the not-so-adorable pest known as the cluster fly. By getting quickly acquainted with this disgusting insect, you may find the understanding you need to keep this dirty pest from driving you crazy. Let's take a look, shall we?

Let there be no confusion; this is not a house fly. Cluster flies don't behave like house flies. They do not fly quickly or with any purpose. They are not looking to land on your hamburger or dance on your eggs. This bug prefers to be outside in your tall grass. They lay their babies in the soil so when earthworms come up to look around, they can jump on the poor innocent things and devour them.

So why are cluster flies in my house?

In the fall, cluster flies seek to overwinter in manmade structures to protect themselves from the cold. You'll see them on sun-warmed sides of your house, dancing about on inner walls and lumbering around in attic spaces. When spring arrives, they flood back out into your common areas just trying to get back outside.

Why do cluster flies stay in my house?

Inside your home, they enjoy bashing their face against windows and bumping around in light fixtures. The reason for this odd behavior is that these insects are attracted to light. If you already see where I'm going with this and a light bulb has lit on top of your head, don't worry, it is just a metaphorical light bulb. You don't have to worry about those cluster flies buzzing around your head trying to get at it. These flies prefer real lights, like the one above your dinner table. They bump and bash until their punch drunk carcass falls back to the Earth. But don't worry, your oatmeal will break their fall.

If you want fewer cluster flies inside your home, it is a good idea to keep exterior lights off in the fall or replace those bulbs with yellow insect-resistant bulbs. This will give them less of a reason to climb around on your exterior walls and realize there is warmth in your home.

You'll also want to make sure all your screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps are in good working order. These are common entry points for cluster flies.

But this is spring. What do I do about these bugs now?

If you decide to go at them with a fly swatter, you should understand why these pests swarm. The reason for this behavior is that these flies release a scent that draws them all together in one spot. Knowing about this pheromone scent can help you get rid of this pest. If you are able to swat these buggers into oblivion, be sure to spray the area with soapy water or vinegar to remove the smell. This might keep new cluster flies from taking their place.

To reduce cluster flies in your home or on your property, call a pest control company. Experts can do a spray treatment that will kill this pest inside your soil and keep them from hatching in swarms of misery. They can also help you seal your home from future entry. You don't have to live with these disgusting flies. Get your home sealed, starting this spring.

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