It's No April Fools Joke, Warm Weather Is Coming!

April Fools Day

It might seem like an April fools joke but the extended forecast for Springfield shows 50 and 60 degree temps for later this week! So while this is great news for those of us who are over winter, there is a bit of bad news that we must relay. Ants are coming.

Yup, these guys are going to start showing up in and around your home at any minute. For the most part the types of ants here in Massachusetts, and New England for that matter, are relatively harmless and are just searching for food. But even though they will not eat your home or bite your family, you should not tolerate their presence. Really, you should be asking yourself, how did ants get in the house in the first place and if they got in, what other bugs are invading through the same entry points? Read this blog post to for a few tips on how to keep them out this spring.

You noticed in the previous paragraph, we said for the most part the types of ants in our region are harmless? Well there is one exception, the carpenter ant. These large black ants are not going to hurt you or your family but they may cause damage to your home. Click here to learn more about this wood-destroying pest.

So what’s a homeowner to do if they see ants or other insects and rodents in their house? Give us a call! Our New England exterminators know the regional pests well and are thoroughly trained to combat pest problems. Whether you’re looking for a one-time treatment for ants or are looking for a year-round pest control solution, American Pest Solutions can help.