Common House Spiders In Hartford, CT

House Spider In Sink

Spiders are commonly found in every corner of the United States and throughout the world. A spider is a small, eight-legged creature that has an innate ability to strike fear in the heart of the observer. Their appearance alone demands respect. Another notable feature is that they are also very proficient in their ability to quickly spin webs for the purpose of catching other insects for food.

While there are several other species, some of the more common house spiders found in Hartford include the American house spider, wolf spider and yellow sac spider. Regardless of the type of spiders residing in your home, they are probably there because of a presence of other bugs and insects. Spiders feed predominately on insects and bugs. Not controlling other insects automatically provides a convenient source of food in which the spider population is able to thrive. Proper maintenance and control of household pests is most successfully done with developing a year round relationship with a pest control company. They will develop a program to keep the common household pests eradicated, while at the same time, controlling the spider infestation.

As always, prevention techniques are one of the best control methods available. These tips, when followed regularly, should reduce the opportunity for spiders and other pests to access your home.

  • Examine the exterior of your home for any cracks and crevices and repair and seal accordingly.
  • Look at all windows and doors, both on the inside and outside, and caulk shut even the smallest gap.
  • Inspect all screens on windows and doors and replace or repair any with holes or rips.
  • Place fresh door sweeps on all entry doors.
  • Keep all trees and bushes trimmed away from side of house and roof, thus keeping spiders out of reach of your home.
  • Repair any leaking or sweating pipes in the home and basement to eliminate water supply.

Following these tips and securing year-round pest control services from American Pest Solutions will keep your home free of spiders and other household pests.