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Why You Should Call The Pros If You Spot Bed Bugs In Your Hartford County Home

A bed bug infestation can be complicated to deal with. There are two primary reasons for this. First, it is difficult to deal with a bed bug infestation when you don't understand how bed bugs behave. Second, it is hard to get rid of a problem that can come right back after you've gotten rid of it, or while you're in the process of getting rid of it. Today, we're going to touch on a few key facts you should understand about bed bugs. These facts will help you to properly deal with an infestation in your Hartford County home.

Bed Bugs Are Hitchhiking Pests

When pests infest your home, most of the time they do so by coming into your home from your landscaping and lawn. You know that getting rid of them is only one step in the process. You need to take steps to prevent them from continuing to infest your home. The same is true of bed bugs, only bed bugs don't come into your home this way; they're carried in. It is important that you consider how you may have been exposed so you don't continue to be exposed even as you're attempting to get rid of them. You need to understand that bed bugs can come from a neighbor's house, your place of work, the school your child attends, the daycare where you leave your young kids, the senior living center where your grandparents live, and similar locations. They don't just come from hotels and motels. If you get rid of bed bugs and your son or daughter picks them up again when they stay overnight at a friend's, you can get exposed again.

Point Of Contact

It is not only important that you consider where bed bugs could have come from, you also need to consider how they could have come into your home. It is easy to think that your bed is the only place bed bugs live, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Bed bugs could be in the seams of a piece of luggage. They could be in a pocketbook. They could be in a sleeping bag. They could be a bag of laundry. The item that bed bugs used to hitchhike into your home is likely to still have eggs or insects in it. Throwing out your bed, or some other infested item, won't cure your infestation.

What Works Doesn't Always Work

There are many methods and products that can work to resolve a bed bug infestation, but when these are improperly applied, they have little or no effect. We could give many examples. Here are a few that will help you understand the nature of the problem:

  • Mattress encasements work to seal bed bugs inside and keep bed bugs out. This can help to prevent bites. But bed bugs don't just live inside mattresses and box springs. They can be in the bed frame, in a nightstand, inside an alarm clock, behind baseboards, inside the walls of the room, and in other locations.

  • Climb-ups can prevent bed bugs from climbing up to bite you in your bed. These can prevent bites. But bed bugs can bite you when you're not in your bed. They're also able to feed on you while you're awake.

  • Heat can eliminate bed bugs. But applying heat in a way that prevents bed bugs from escaping the heat treatment is difficult to accomplish without training and experience in heat remediation and the use of professional technologies.

  • Chemicals can kill bed bugs. Unfortunately, chemicals can fail in many ways. You can apply a product that has no residual effect. You can apply a product that is topical and doesn't get to where the bugs are hiding. You can apply a product that is more capable of making you sick than killing bed bugs. A professional will select the right products and apply them in a way that will provide long-term residual control without making you sick.

The Right Choice For Bed Bugs

If you have bed bugs in your Hartford County home, reach out to American Pest Solutions. We use the most advanced tools and methods for locating and eliminating bed bugs, such as K-9 Bed Bug Inspectors, Aprehend® natural biopesticide, and advanced heat remediation. There is no guesswork, just results. Contact us today to get rid of these horrible bugs the first time, and keep them from continuing to infest your home.

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