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The Best Way To Protect Your Western Massachusetts Property From Termites

Termites are scary insects. Most Western Massachusetts residents would agree, if they take any time at all to think about them. Most don't. It isn't until these insects are found by the hundreds of thousands inside structural timbers that the threat of termite damage is even considered. We hope you don't wait till you find termites inside your Western Massachusetts property before you decide on a strategy to protect your equity. These insects can feed on the wood inside your home for years without providing any noticeable warning signs. The best way to protect your investment from termites is to be proactive.

The Problem With Reactive Termite Control

You might be wondering how much damage can termites really do, or how likely is it that termites will damage the wood in your home. If you're going to spend money on termite control products, you want to know how much of a threat these insects actually present. Right? While we can't tell you for sure how much termites will cost you or how likely it is that you'll have widespread damage in your home, we can tell you for sure that reactive termite control is not the best way to address this threat. 

When you wait until you see subterranean termites (or notice the damage), you'll allow these insects to damage your property for years. And if you're not familiar with subterranean termites, the majority of the damage they do is on the inside of wood timbers. This can cause structural timbers to weaken and put a stress on the entire frame of your home. Doors can begin to stick. Windows can open and close freely. But the worst part about termite damage is that floors sink down, ceilings dip, and walls begin to bulge.

Early Detection

Can you detect termites early and prevent extensive damage? Sure. It may be possible. Here are a few warning signs to look for:

  • Worker termites may be found on your property where wood touches the ground. Look underneath firewood, scrap wood, wood pallets, branch piles, etc. Worker termites are about ⅛ of an inch long insects with six legs and a pale coloration.

  • Examine any structures that have wood-to-soil contact, such as wood fences, deck supports, etc. If you dig away at the soil, you may see wood damage or you might find worker termites or soldier termites in the soil.

  • When subterranean termites enter your home, they might need to create shelter tubes. These are above-ground mud tunnels. They're likely to be found on your foundation walls or on other hard surfaces. They may be as thin as a pencil or as thick as four feet if many tubes are created on a concrete pier in a crawlspace. Technicians on the East Coast have found some scary mud tube formations under man-made structures.

  • You might see winged reproductives inside your home or on the exterior of your home. These insects are about ⅜ of an inch long, most of which is wing length. The wings of a swarmer are white, rounded at the tips, and they hang past the abdomen.

  • Inspect your property for the appearance of white wings. These are shed by winged male and female reproductives. You might find these wings stuck inside spider webs on your property or littered about on the ground.

Proactive Termite Control

The best way to protect your Western Massachusetts property from termites is to invest in protective termite control services. At American Pest Solutions, we offer three ways for you to safeguard your equity and prevent termites from secretly damaging your property.

Annual Inspections. When you have a licensed pest control technician inspect your property, there is a greater chance of detecting termite activity early. Technicians are trained to recognize the signs of termite activity and they use specialized equipment to get this job done right.

Termite Monitoring. The Advance® Termite Bait System is perfect for monitoring termite activity because it offers termites a food source they can't refuse. When termites take the bait inside bait stations around your property, your technician will let you know.

Liquid Termiticide Treatment. There is no better way to stop termites and address invading colonies than to have a protective curtain of termiticide installed around the structures on your property. We use the most advanced liquid termiticide technologies to ensure the greatest level of control and colony elimination.

Do You Have Questions? 

If you have questions that were not answered here, or you'd like to schedule to speak with one of our licensed termite control professionals, reach out to us. We look forward to helping you get proactive about termite protection for your Western Massachusetts home. Drop us a line today on our contact page to get started. You don't have to let termites eat you out of house and home. When you get proactive professional termite control, you decide how much termites will cost you.

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