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Where Carpenter Ant Damage Occurs In New England Homes

July 5, 2019

With carpenter ants, you will often find small holes in the undersides of your deck, around window trim, or in any other untreated wood around your home. As they tunnel in, you will often find piles of wood shavings around these openings. > Read More

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Summer Carpenter Ant Prevention For New England Residents

August 24, 2018

Carpenter ants are on the move throughout New England. If you’ve noticed these black or reddish colored ants in or around your home, then you should be concerned.  > Read More

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When Should You Be Worried About Carpenter Ants?

September 28, 2016

There are many ways to find out you have carpenter ants. You may see a single ant walking around on a counter or a floor. You may see an ant scaling a cereal box in your cabinet. You might see a big black (or reddish black) ant on the food in your pet's dish or, worse, a line of them going from your… > Read More

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Husky Carpenter Ants In Hartford Causing Damage

July 13, 2015

Here in Connecticut we love our Huskies. You can always tell when the Huskies are home by the large crowds, the increased traffic, and the appearance of navy and white all over town or by catching a glimpse of Jonathan the Husky. But did you know that not all huskies in Connecticut are beloved? > Read More

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