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Why Call American Pest Solutions First For Bee Problems In New England

May 3, 2019

You may have already started to make plans for barbeques, picnics, parties, and other events in your beautiful backyard. Or maybe the kids want to go out and play on their swingset this summer. Have you thought about how you are going to avoid the bees and other stinging insects that will also be… > Read More

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Bees & Wasps Prepare For Fall

September 12, 2016

Summer vacation is over. The kids are all back in school and you are taking advantage of the warm weather that in just a few short weeks will give way to full-blown Fall. It’s nice to have a bit of a reprieve from the summer heat to be able to get your yard in order for the coming colder… > Read More

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Summer Stingers

June 16, 2015

Who has the greatest chance of getting stung by stinging insects? Is it the dumb guy who tries to take honey from an active hive? Maybe. Is it the unfortunate soul who decides to get rid of a nest in his attic by himself? Probably. But the real answer is: The person with the greatest chance of… > Read More

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