Are Termites Active During The Winter?

February 15, 2018

termites found in ground near springfield home

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You've probably noticed that many bugs go into hiding when it gets cold outside. You've probably also noticed that sometimes bugs hide inside your home when the weather outside is undesirable. That is because your home offers protection from that cold weather. The result is box elder bugs, stink bugs, or many other of bugs, crawling on your walls and walking across your television screen. But what happens to termites in the winter? Do they go into hiding or do they remain active? Here's what you need to know.

The termites we deal with in the northern states are subterranean termites. These termites live in the ground--usually below the frost line. That is why winter doesn't completely eradicate all of the termites in the state. But it does kill some of them off.

Subterranean termites do not hibernate in winter, but they may go into a low energy state. It depends on how cold they get. If we have a particularly cold winter and a termite nest is too close to the surface, the cold can kill that nest. Most of the time, however, it just gets cold enough to slow termites down to a crawl--or make them come to a complete stop.

If conditions are favorable, termites will remain active all winter long. There are two ways this might happen. A nest established deep in the ground can have termites that continue to move around, and continue to tunnel. This will depend on their ability to access food, such as the deep root system of a tree. Cold isn't the only thing that slows termites down. They also slow down when food is scarce. Another way termites might remain active is if they have established a nest under a basement with a dirt floor. While heat rises, there may be enough heat in a home to warm the ground for termites to continue their activity.

What is most important to understand about termites is that they will be active if temperatures and food allow them to do so. As soon as it warms, termites get back to work. That is why it is important to call a pest control company as soon as you see evidence of termites in your home, even if it is the middle of the winter. Don't give those termites any more time to eat away at the equity you have established in your home.

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