Why You Should Consider Bird Control

Pest bird near a Springfield business.

With all the hard work that it takes, a company should take pride in their final product, and in each and every victory they produce along the way. When it comes to your business, keeping it clean, safe, and healthy goes without saying. One of the greatest feelings is knowing that your operations are proceeding smoothly. Hiccups are expected, of course, but when something is causing problems that could have been prevented, you might reflect on that issue differently. Birds, though often overlooked as a threat, are actually a very serious problem for many businesses, and a risk you will absolutely want to be aware of.

Though associated with the clear blue sky, it turns out that many birds are also associated some pretty grim diseases that can also be contracted by humans. This makes birds first and foremost a health hazard for your business to keep in mind when you see them flying overhead. Bodily waste left behind by the birds can contaminate products, resulting in extremely unsanitary conditions. This waste is also known to eat away at finishes on both the inside and outside of buildings, ruining it both aesthetically and structurally. Bird droppings can be quite expensive to clean up, and in the end is very bad for business all the way around. Many birds are fairly solitary in their homemaking, but some species like to congregate, and their presence can become as bad or worse than even a rodent infestation might be. If you identify pigeons or starlings around your business, for instance, you'll want to act fast to protect your property.

Birds tend to adapt quickly to many methods of bird control, and keeping them out can be pretty hard work. Here at American Pest Solutions, we take each and every case on its own, making sure that the birds are removed completely and deterrents are put in place to assure they do not return. Every case is different, and that's why we offer a variety of bird control solutions. The most effective methods for preventing bird infestations are the ones that physically stop the bird from settling in, or actively modify their behavior through negative reinforcement. Bird control methods include:

  • Physical or visual deterrents
  • Electrified and non-electrified
  • Wire deterrent systems
  • Sonic Devices
  • Anti-roosting spikes or perch blockers
  • Structural netting
  • Gels or metal mesh/sheet metal barriers
  • Baiting programs

Our visits start with sending a technician to inspect the infestation and discuss solutions, from structural repair to trapping. After which, we will execute the specifically designed plan in order to rid your business of birds, following up until the problem is solved. While always prioritizing a humane approach, we employ proven industry methods to ensure the removal and deterrence of birds from your commercial property. We also understand that some birds are protected and that there are particular restrictions to be followed. Regardless of the bird, and regardless of the extent of the problem, American Pest Solutions can take care of it. If you have questions or would like a free evaluation, or if you need immediate service, give the Good Guys a call today!