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Why Stinging Insect Infestations Are Best Left to Professionals

August 15, 2018

No one wants to be in close proximity with stinging insects. In fact, we usually try to stay as far away from them as possible. However, in the summertime, that is easier said than done. Experiencing problems with stinging insects is pretty much unavoidable this time of year… or is it? > Read More

stinging insect control in ma   stinging nest removal


Why You Should Avoid Paper Wasp Nests

May 4, 2018

The time of year is here again when creatures great and small are enjoying the warmer weather that the spring season brings. The birds are chirping in the morning, squirrels are racing through the backyard, people are walking their dogs after dinner, and stinging insects have emerged and are… > Read More

paper wasp facts   paper wasp nest removal   stinging insect control in ma


Watch Out For Aggressive Yellow Jackets

August 17, 2017

Darn those yellow jackets, they are mean and aggressive especially late summer to early fall. They are certainly unpleasant and can ruin a number of outdoor activities, especially if they involve food. The reason they are more aggressive now is because there are more of them, and they are finished… > Read More

home pest control   yellow jackets   yellow jacket eradication


Tips To Protect Your Family From Stinging Insects This Summer

July 18, 2017

Have you ever sat down on a wasp? Have you ever stepped onto your balcony or deck only to be driven back inside by a stinging insect? Have you ever experienced a swarm or had a child come running into the house with wasps in their clothing? Are you familiar with the burning pain of a bee or wasp… > Read More

wasps   stinging insects prevention tips   stinging nest removal


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