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Secret To Effective Centipede & Millipede Control Around Your Hartford County Home

August 14, 2020

Hartford is teeming with life. If you could see all the living creatures around your home, you would be amazed—and probably a little disturbed. They live in the ground by the billions. They crawl around on the ground and in your grass. They climb trees, move around in bushes, and scale the… > Read More

home pest control   centipedes and millipedes   moisture problems


How Dangerous Is It To Have Earwigs Around My Springfield Property?

July 24, 2020

Earwigs are a nocturnal pest commonly found in gardens as they prefer cool, damp, undisturbed areas. However, when they get inside homes, they are often found in places such as houseplants, along floorboards in bathrooms and kitchens, or under sink cabinets. > Read More

earwigs   earwig control   earwig prevention


Is It Dangerous To Have Silverfish In Your Springfield Home?

June 24, 2020

When people receive pest control services, it’s usually to address the presence of critters like rodents, roaches, spiders, termites, and ants. Springfield home and business owners often forget about silverfish. It’s probably because these insects are considered to be harmless, but this… > Read More

silverfish   pest prevention   home pest control


Centipedes 101: What Every Hartford Homeowner Ought To Know

May 27, 2020

Screaming and centipedes often go hand in hand. It’s just something about their appearance and the way they move that has the unique ability to send shivers down even the bravest individuals' spine. If you agree that centipedes do not belong inside homes, we have some information for you today… > Read More

centipedes   pest prevention   home pest control


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