Say Goodbye To Mice: Tips For Effective Mouse Control In Western Massachusetts

A mice climbing a brick wall

Although mice are small, they can cause significant problems inside your home, especially as their numbers swell. Mouse removal in Western Massachusetts is important to perform as soon as you notice any signs of mice so you can prevent a larger problem. Mice can have as many as a dozen babies per litter, which can increase the size of a mouse issue quickly.

At American Pest Solutions, our experts are ready to help with effective control options to help with your mouse problem. You may be tempted to try DIY methods for eliminating these pests, but trusting our company’s 100-plus years of experience leads to a quicker and more thorough result. 

Signs of a Mouse Infestation: How to Spot Them Early

The clearest clue that you have an infestation of house mice is actively seeing mice moving inside the home or hearing them inside the walls. By the time you are seeing these types of signs, though, the mouse infestation is probably significant. Typically, mice in Western Massachusetts are nocturnal animals that try to hide from humans, meaning you’d rarely see them moving around unless you have a large number of them searching for food. 

Ideally, you would find signs of the presence of these rodents early, allowing our team at American Pest Solutions to help you eliminate them while their numbers are small. Some of the early signs that may indicate you have a few mice include:

  • Droppings from the mice, which look like small brown or black pellets
  • Marks from chewing on fruit left out or on packages of food
  • Scratch marks or sounds of scratching inside the wall
  • Shredded papers and cardboard that indicate the start of a nest
  • Footprints that mice leave as they move through areas with dust

If you suspect you have mice, but you can’t seem to find tell-tale signs, American Pest Solutions can help you figure out what is happening.

Why Mice Are a Problem: Health Risks and Property Damage

Mice carry many kinds of bacteria and viruses that can make your family sick when exposed to them. They also can ruin and contaminate food through their mouse droppings, urine, and saliva, potentially exposing you to an illness if you eat the food.

However, the bigger problem with mice often is the damage they cause around your home. They can chew through walls, ceilings, electrical wiring, and insulation, creating problems that are expensive to fix.

The Importance of Prompt Mouse Removal: Call Us Right Away!

A small population of mice can explode quickly because of the large number of babies they can have. Consequently, it’s important to take care of the issue immediately. Some types of mice can have litters of babies up to 10 times per year, creating a never-ending cycle of babies growing into adults unless you eliminate the problem as early as possible.

Mouse Prevention: Simple Measures to Keep Mice Out

After American Pest Solutions helps with your needs for mouse control in Western Massachusetts, we can provide advice to keep them away. Some of the simple strategies you can use to keep mice from coming near your home, or even inside it, include the following:

  • Trim tall grass near your home’s foundation.
  • Keep piles of firewood farther from the home.
  • Remove sources of water near the home.
  • Remove bowls of pet food kept outdoors.
  • Clean up any trash that contains potential food or nesting materials.
  • Don’t leave bird feeders near the home.

Should you want additional help, our team of experts is ready to serve you. Just let us know that you’re interested in setting up a regular schedule for us to visit your home and treat any signs of a new mouse infestation.

For a free evaluation of your pest problem, call American Pest Solutions today.