Help! I Have A Spider Problem In Western Massachusetts

a jumping spider crawling on the floor of a home

Western Massachusetts is truly a gem. From the Mohawk trail and the Berkshires to amazing museums, parks, and towns, Western Massachusetts homeowners can enjoy lively entertainment while also spending time in the beautiful outdoors. Nonetheless, sometimes there are uninvited visitors that will sneak into Western Massachusetts homes and cause problems, such as spiders. If you need quality pest control services in Western Massachusetts to treat a spider problem, American Pest Solutions can help.

Identifying The Type Of Spiders Infesting Your Home

There are about 45 species of spiders in Massachusetts, and many of these are in Western Mass. While they are active during most times of the year, it is more common to find spiders outside in the warm summer months. 

Some of the most common spiders in Western Massachusetts are:

  • House spiders: These spiders are yellowish brown in color, and they have an off-white abdomen and dark stripes. Females have a spherical abdomen, while males have a more elongated abdomen.
  • Jumping spiders: These spiders are black or dark brown. They have compact bodies and short legs. They also have peculiar sets of eyes.
  • Orb weavers: These arachnids range from ½ inch to 1 inch in body length. They are usually reddish-brown or grey, but they can also be brightly colored. They are known for their large, circular webs.

The majority of spiders are more of a nuisance than a dangerous pest, but having a lot of them show up in your home can spell bad news.

What Is Attracting Spiders To Your Home

In order to get rid of spiders completely, it is important to understand why there are spiders in your Western Massachusetts home in the first place. Spiders are more likely to enter your home if there is overgrown grass or shrubbery, especially near doors and windows, or if there are cracks and gaps in your home, such as on the home foundation. 

Additionally, spiders are hunting for prey. If you have insects in your home, they will attract spiders. Spiders seek areas with plenty of food to eat. While seeing an occasional spider or two around your Western Massachusetts property is normal, if you see a lot of spiders on your property, we recommend you seek professional help to eliminate spiders as well as the insects they are eating.

Exterior Prevention Tips For Spider Control

If you are looking for ways to keep local spiders away from your Western Massachusetts home or apartment, consider trying some of the following spider prevention tips:

  • Clean your porch or deck to prevent different insects and spiders from settling in.
  • Declutter your garage, and make sure to keep doors and windows closed.
  • Remove any spider webs that you see in or around your home to discourage spiders from sticking around.
  • Seal cracks and gaps to deter spiders from entering your home.
  • Turn off your lights at night, as insects will be drawn to the light and, in turn, will attract more spiders.
  • Use home remedies to get rid of spiders or prevent their presence, such as a clove-based or peppermint-based spider repellent.

In addition to the exterior prevention tips above for New England spiders, we recommend a professional home inspection with American Pest Solutions.

The Secret To Total Spider Control In Western Massachusetts

Whether you need to get rid of spiders in your home or create a long-term spider prevention program, American Pest Solutions is your trusted Massachusetts choice. We’ll begin with a thorough spider inspection, where we will look for entry points and signs of spider activity. Based on our findings, we’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your specific needs and situation. We will then apply the treatment to the inside and outside of your home and provide follow-up visits to ensure that your home stays pest-free. Call us today for a free estimate or to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Western Massachusetts.