How To Properly Handle Rat Infestations In Western Massachusetts

A black rat crawling out of a stair's side opening

Rat infestations are incredibly challenging to surmount. It's hard to get ahead of these creatures because they swiftly reproduce. For each one that dies, three more are born. Further, their nests are usually in spaces that are difficult to access. While you battle them, they could be ruining your property and spreading harmful germs. It's possible for you to become very sick. You'll need professional pest control in Western Massachusetts because there's a lot of misinformation about rodent management. 

Contrary to popular belief, pesticides are not the best way to get rid of rats. These products can be extremely faulty and worsen the problem. Continue reading to learn about proper methods for rat prevention and elimination. American Pest Solutions can assist you. 

How To Tell If It's Rats Lurking Around Your House

Rats are definitely in your home if you see these signs:

  • Brown or black fecal droppings shaped like a rod
  • Teeth indentations on furniture, cords, foundations, and other items
  • Oily rub stains on walls and edges
  • Tunnels in the ground outside
  • Active rats during the day since they are nocturnal

Two types of rats that are prevalent in the region are Norway and roof rats. Norway rats are 15 inches long with 7-inch tails. Most are black, brown, or gray. If you happen to find what appears as burrows in your yard, these pests might be around. They utilize these channels to enter your home. Roof rats are also about 15 inches in length. These black or brown creatures have big eyes and ears. To get indoors, they'll crawl off tree branches and power lines to take advantage of roof openings. 

Rodents breed and thrive in vegetated areas. Your residence is more vulnerable to potential rat invasions if you live near a wooded location. Your lawn doesn't have to be overgrown to attract them directly, but it certainly doesn't help to neglect your land. Also, be mindful that if your property isn't structurally sound, these pests will use their prickly teeth and soft bodies to slide past or create holes.

The Dangerous Diseases Rats Are Known To Spread

Diseases rats carry include salmonellosis, hantavirus, and trichinosis. You could be exposed to the microbes and parasites in their fur if they get into your food. It will be an issue if they run on top of your counters, shelves, tables, and other surfaces too. Some of the bacteria they have come from the unsanitary places they've been to. Garbage cans and sewers are examples. In addition, their urine, feces, and saliva carry germs. 

Four Simple Rat Exclusion Tips For Around Your Home  

Exclusion is a huge part of rodent deterrence. Remember, these pests can get through a gap just 1/2 an inch in diameter. Only professionals can cover every questionable spot, but here are four things you can do on your own:

  1. Remove any pre-existing rubber or plastic from entry points. Rats can chew this material.
  2. Plug holes in vents and foundations with steel wool, hardware cloth, screen wire, or copper gauze.
  3. Install metal plates or metal screens around windows and vents.
  4. Put metal thresholds or steel piping on floors.

Avoid pesticides and traps from stores. These goods aren't good for long-term use or to address an infestation. Their intricate instructions can confuse people, leading to misuse, chemical accidents, or injuries.

The Best Way To Get The Rats Out Of Your House For Good 

Our rat control services at American Pest Solutions are top-tier. We have an experienced and licensed team that will use safe and quality treatments. We have traps, exclusion tools, sanitation equipment, and more. Call our 24-hour phone line for a free evaluation today!