How To Keep Beetles Out Of Your Western Massachusetts Home

Carpet Beetle crawling on fabric.

People hate insects and creatures because of their appearances and impulsive behaviors. Another issue is that they’ll spread germs. Moreover, they might hurt you with a scratch, bite, or sting. Each of these worries compounds if a pest swiftly procreates. Without pest control services, your home could be on the line. For instance, you should be wary of beetles in Massachusetts.

Various types of beetles exist, and many are destructive. Details about their function, risks, and what’s required to stop them are somewhat sparse. They aren’t talked about like other creepy crawlers. Find out more about these bugs, deterrence, and what American Pest Solutions can do to help.

How To Identify Beetles In Western Massachusetts

Physically, there’s great variation with beetles in Massachusetts and beyond. Nevertheless, most have prickly mouthparts to chew with, four firm wings, and antennae. They also typically have globular figures with a creased midsection. Light attracts them. Wood-destroying fabric and food insects are the types of beetles that wreak havoc in domiciles.

Many wood-destroying beetles have dark metallic skin. In terms of size, they might be 0.12 to 2 inches long. The fact that they attack structural material is what makes them dangerous. Floor joists, wall studs, beams, and foundations are examples.

The black or reddish-brown bodies of fabric beetles are covered in light-colored mottling and barbed hairs. They are 0.04 to 0.15 of an inch long and have six legs. Upholstery, clothes, linens, and rugs are some of the items they’ll munch on. Don’t touch the subclass of carpet beetles in your home because you’re bound to experience skin irritation or rashes.

Food beetles are yellow, red, or brown and 0.08 to 0.12 of an inch long. These pests violate food factories and lay eggs in meal packaging. Once larvae are born, they’ll aggressively go after grains, spices, flour, fruit, dry goods, pet food, and similar. Their webs and feces will ruin the fare.

What Beetles Have Wings But Can Not Fly In Western Massachusetts?

You’ll be able to spot beetles that can’t fly by their wings, which will be particularly stiff-looking. The main species that can’t get into the air are ground beetles. Here are other vital details about beetles on your Massachusetts property:

  • They aren’t associated with parasites, diseases, or pathogens.
  • They won’t sting or bite.
  • Their matter and waste can change food taste and encourage mold growth.
  • Their larvae resemble grub, and they are the most detrimental.
  • Their infestations are signaled by seeing larvae, adult insects, or discarded skin.
  • They enter buildings through open windows and doors or by impacted items brought in.

If I See One Beetle Around My Home, Does That Mean There Are More?

Given how beetles operate, one insect can be an indicator of more. Always take action when you notice a pest.

Natural Beetle Prevention Tips For Western Massachusetts Properties

You must do what you must to ward off beetles on your Massachusetts property. Use these tips for solving beetle problems:

  • Close up holes in appliances, cabinets, foundations, sweeps, and screens.
  • Clean kitchens with detail often. Remove expired or torn food items.
  • Use airtight containers and compressed bags for meal and clothing storage.
  • Examine second-hand objects and grocery packages before purchase.
  • Try to keep windows and doors closed.
  • Vacuum and wash fabrics, rugs, and upholstery frequently.
  • Fix moisture fractures.
  • Get rid of water-damaged wood.
  • Swill vents and gutters regularly.

Don’t give carpet beetles in your home or any other subgroup a chance to thrive. Professional home pest control services are needed. Solving beetle problems starts with us at American Pest Solutions. We have state-certified and licensed staff! Call us today!