Why Are There So Many Flies In My Connecticut Home?

House fly in a kitchen.

Managing the wildlife around your Connecticut home takes much more than over-the-counter (OTC) products. From large mammals to tiny insects, maintaining the inside and outside of your home can take a significant amount of time. This includes the management of Connecticut house flies.

House flies are some of the most common pests in the northeast. They are best described as having a perpetual life cycle, referring to their fast reproduction rates and large clusters of eggs. These characteristics could define the vast majority of flies:

  • A pair of wings shorter than their bodies
  • A black or grey body
  • Large compound eyes
  • A rounded body is sometimes described as a ‘figure eight.’

Not Just Plain Old Pests But Dangerous Ones

House flies aren’t just annoying pests to find around the home. They are extremely dangerous as well. Due to the house fly’s propensity to feed on garbage and food waste, these pests can spread serious illnesses from place to place. Flies can also infest and contaminate food and water sources, among other things.

The prevention of the Connecticut house fly is absolutely critical for long-term health and wellness. Let’s discuss some of the most common attractant factors for Connecticut flies and learn how these pests infiltrate your home in the first place.

Understanding Fly Attractant Factors (And Keeping Them Out For Good)

There are four primary reasons why flies may have decided to infest your Connecticut home. They include an abundance of food, large amounts of moisture, plenty of shelters, and easy access to garbage. Even if it was not your intention, failing to properly take out the trash, wash dirty dishes, and even repair leaking drains could lead to a high volume of flies during their spawning season.

Flies can sneak into homes through various potential entry points, including cracks, gaps, and seams around windows and doors. Check out some of these helpful prevention tips for keeping them out for good:

  • Use waterproof caulking to repair entry points around screens, door kicks, and chimneys.
  • Remove trash from the home at least once per week, taking care to wash trash cans every so often to reduce odor and mold.
  • Store all food items in glass or plastic containers, eliminating any raw ingredients from the counter.
  • Clean up after your pets frequently, taking care to comb the lawn at least once per week for any stray waste piles.
  • Eliminate standing piles of water by running a humidifier frequently. Consider repairing any leaking pipes or clogged drains to reduce access to moisture.

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Get Connecticut Fly Prevention From American Pest Solutions

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