How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Western Massachusetts Home

Silverfish under a sink.

If you were to imagine common pests in Western Massachusetts, you’d probably think of things like rodents, spiders, and ants. While these are all frequent household pests, there are some other insects in the area that also make their way into homes.

One of these pests is the silverfish. Odd-looking insects, silverfish look like an alien creature or a prehistoric bug as they have long bodies that taper at the ends as well as long antennae and a pair of feelers. While they are usually a silvery grey color, as their name suggests, they can also be tan or brown.

While they are rather off-putting to look at, silverfish are mostly considered a nuisance pest, and they come indoors for two main reasons that aren’t difficult to understand. Silverfish need both moisture-rich areas and access to food. So, humid environments will draw them in as well as all kinds of food items throughout your home. They eat flour, starches, meats, and even cardboard and book bindings.

Do Silverfish Cause Problems For Homeowners?

Overall, the main issue with silverfish is that they aren’t pleasant to have around. No one enjoys finding bugs in their house, but silverfish aren’t considered dangerous. They don’t bite or sting, even if they might look like they could, and they also don’t spread any diseases. Because of this, they aren’t considered a hazard for people or pests.

However, silverfish can cause some damage to your belongings as they will chew on old papers, books, and even wallpaper. Unless the infestation grows, this damage is usually fairly minimal, though it can be frustrating when they ruin valuables.

Six Silverfish Prevention Steps

While silverfish aren’t as big of a concern as many other pests in the area, they still aren’t a welcome houseguest. It’s easier to prevent them than to remove them, and many silverfish prevention steps can also help keep out other insect species.

Here are six of the best ways to deter silverfish from settling in your home:

  1. Seal up entry points by filling holes in walls and foundations with caulk and foam. While it can be hard to completely keep silverfish out because of their small size, this is a worthwhile step.
  2. Repair or replace broken screens in doors and windows.
  3. Address humidity issues by using dehumidifiers and fixing leaky plumbing.
  4. Declutter around both the inside and outside of your home as clutter provides more spaces for silverfish to hide.
  5. Install weather stripping and door sweeps around exterior doors and windows.
  6. Keep kitchen areas tidy and regularly clean out pantries and cupboards. Also, make sure to pick up any food or drink spills right away and to keep floors swept and mopped often.

Keeping up on these steps can help guard your home from all sorts of pests.

How To Easily Get Rid Of Silverfish

If you’re already dealing with silverfish around your home, trying to remove them on your own can be a hassle. Luckily, there is one simple and effective way to remove all of these strange-looking pests and to keep them from coming back. All you have to do is contact American Pest Solutions.

We have over 100 years of experience as a company, and we offer both residential and commercial pest control options. We can keep silverfish, as well as many other pest species, away from your property through these ongoing plans. Just give us a call or reach out to us online to request an inspection.