Now Is The Time To Be Thinking About Termites & Your Hartford Property

Termite crawling on wood.

Springtime in Hartford is just around the bend. As the winter frost begins to melt into the earth, vibrant signs of life creep up from below to take its place. The beauty of sprouting lawns and budding leaves aren't the only activities rising with this season of renewal.

The first full week before spring is Termite Awareness Week. This is the time of year when termites become more active and create the most damage.

Known as the "silent destroyers," termites are difficult to detect. Without any form of termite control, these destructive pests can wreak havoc on your home. Prevention is protection, and this is the most important time of year to start considering termite control for your Hartford home.

The Dangers Of Termite Damage

Areas with abundant moisture and increasing warmth are most susceptible to termite infestation. These conditions lead to water-damaged structures in and around your home, offering the ideal environment for termite colonies to thrive.

Termites are small but mighty. Their colonies can range from 300,000 to 3,000,000, they never sleep, and their sole purpose is to feed on wood pulp or cellulose for the entire duration of their lives. The risks associated with termites can be extremely hazardous if left undetected and unattended.

Each year, termites cost U.S. property owners more than five billion dollars in property damage. Their perpetual feeding behavior eventually leads to weak and brittle support beams, and studs in load-bearing walls can give way to cascading structural issues. Walls will bulge, ceilings will sag, and floors will sink.

Termites can go completely unnoticed while they silently destroy the structural integrity of a building. Protect your Hartford home from unwanted termites before they have a chance to consume everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

The Importance Of Proactive Termite Prevention

Termites are so destructive most homeowner insurance policies exclude termites from their coverage. As a homeowner, it is extremely important to be avidly proactive when it comes to placing preventive measures in and around your home.

To get started, thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your property for visible signs of termite activity:

  • Termites begin their invasions in high moisture environments where they can find damp or rotting wood. Examine susceptible areas for traces of feeding remnants such as fallen wood particles and stacked tunnels on wooden surfaces.
  • Look for damaged wood near ground level areas around the exterior of your home such as patios, decks, sills, stairs, and just above the foundation wall.
  • Termites require direct contact with soil to gain access to wooden structures. Examine the exterior perimeter of your home for mud tube tunnels that are about as wide as a pencil.
  • Check interior door or window voids for the bubbling of paint or wallpaper around frames. You may even notice tiny crevices in sheetrock that appear to have been filled with soil.
  • Termites can come up through crevices in cement. Inspect your basement flooring and any exposed beams for damage. Dirt floored cellars provide easy access. Look for specially constructed termite travel tubes.
  • Tap on the timber of support beams. A hollow sound indicates the presence of termites.

Proactive termite prevention is worth the time and money when you consider the financial consequences during an infestation. There is little room for hesitation when it comes to professional termite control services for your Hartford home.

The Ultimate Termite Solution

With more than 100 years of experience in the pest control industry, American Pest Solutions has been protecting the health and safety of family homes since 1913. As a family-founded, -owned, and -operated business, we value the relationships we have built within our community over the last four generations.

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When termites are a problem, we are the solution. American Pest Solutions specializes in termites. We even include termite coverage in our Pest Guard Home Pest Control Plan to save you the time and hassle of worrying about termite protection.

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