Western Massachusetts' Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

A rat sneaking between books

Rats In Western Massachusetts

If you live in Western Massachusetts, there are two types of rats you're likely to come across.

  • Norway Rat, a common pest throughout the U.S. These rodents are stocky and brown with short tails. Typically, Norway rats seem to have small eyes and ears for their body size. Often found on the ground floor of homes and businesses, Norway rats can cause significant trouble.
  • Roof Rats are just as troublesome as Norway rats. Also referred to as black rats, these rats are more slender than Norway rats. They're also much more agile and can climb trees to get on roofs and in attacks. If you find evidence of a rat living in your attic or ceiling, you probably have a roof rat as a roommate.

The Issues With Rats

While you might be curious which type of Massachusetts rat you have on your property, it's not crucial to know much about the species. This is because all rats come with the same problems. They all can spread harmful diseases to humans.

When rats enter your home, they often bring pathogens with them. Their feces could make you seriously ill with several diseases. Furthermore, rats carry parasites. They could bring fleas and ticks into your home, which makes you a possible target. With fleas and ticks around, you have an even greater chance of catching a pest-borne disease.

Property damage is another issue associated with rats. With sharp teeth, rats can chew through building materials. They may even chew on your electrical wiring and create a fire hazard. In one way or another, rats will do damage to your property.

Rat Prevention 101

Keeping rats out of your home is more difficult than you might imagine. Because rats are such excellent chewers, they can take a minor hole and use it to get inside your home or business. If you don't want rats indoors, you need to examine your property for holes and gaps. Then, you need to seal them up. Keep in mind that rats can chew through siding and drywall, so this alone might not keep them away.

Another way to keep rats out is to seal up your garbage cans. If you leave your garbage in cans with no lids, you offer up a 24/7 buffet for rats. By only using garbage cans with lids, you make your property less appealing to rats. 

Both Norway and roof rats enjoy a yard with lots of cover. If you have junk or excessive vegetation in your yard, rats will live on your property. This makes it more likely they will come inside for food or shelter. To limit the presence of rats, clean up your yard. Dispose of junk properly and mow your lawn before it gets too tall. If shrubs or trees touch your structures, trim them back.

Call A Professional

For the most effective form of rat control, you need to rely on a professional. Our experts at American Pest Solutions understand the challenges that come with rat prevention and elimination. They take the time to inspect your property for rats and other rodents. If you have a problem, our experts use effective methods to get rid of rats and to keep them from returning. To learn more about our approach, call us now.