What Spotting Termite Swarmers Means For Your Hartford Home

Colony of Termite Swarmers on the ground.

Termites are some of the most troublesome pests around. They chew through wood in the foundation of homes, often toiling away for weeks and months without being noticed. But what about those flying termite swarmers you might see as termite season takes hold? What do they mean for your property and how can you prevent the damage termites cause?

What Is Termite Season?

Termite season is a bit of a misnomer because termites are active year-round. While it’s often around springtime, termite season has no established beginning or end. So what does the term mean? “Termite season” refers to the times of the year where termite activity is the most visible, since termite swarmers (those with wings that scout out areas for new colonies) are taking to the air. As such, it’s also the time when homeowners are most likely to notice termite activity.

Termite Swarmers And What They Mean For Your Property

Swarmers, also called alates, are the only members of a termite colony that reproduce. Because of this, they are the most important members of the termite system and they are responsible for starting new colonies. Spotting them means either a new colony is forming or a nearby colony is mature enough to produce alates that swarm in search of new homes. Once they find a spot, they shed their wings and begin making more termites. That means it’s extremely important to spot the signs of swarmers before they breed a whole new colony:

  • Spotting swarmers: Termites are often mistaken for ants, and flying ants look similar to termite swarmers. However, termites have straight antennae, unlike the bent ones of ants. During termite season, full-on hordes of swarmers can be seen pairing off to mate.
  • Discarded wings: Once swarmers find a good spot to form a new colony, they lose their wings. Spotting these papery, tear-shaped leftovers are a sure sign that a termite colony has already taken hold.
  • Swarmers inside: If swarmers are seen indoors, chances are high that a fully-mature colony is already hiding out somewhere in the home. Call for professional help immediately.

Termite Prevention

Since swarmers are looking for ideal places to settle down, it’s important to make your home as unattractive to termites as possible. Take these steps for termite prevention:

  • Moisture control: Many termites prefer damp wood since it’s much easier to chew through waterlogged materials. Making sure that rainwater isn’t seeping into walls and roofs is important, plus addressing plumbing issues or spills immediately.
  • Landscaping: Direct soil contact is bad for your home since subterranean termites can dig in under the walls and have easy access. Keep flowerbeds and the grass cut back at least 18 inches away from the exterior.
  • Roof maintenance: Depending on the type of termite, some prefer to nest in roofs and attics, so faulty shingles or trusses can make for easy access for swarmers that can fly up and crawl inside.

Termites Already Inside? Call The Pros!

Because they can do so much damage before you even notice their activity, it’s best not to take any chances with termites, especially if you notice that they are already inside. Turn to the professionals for help immediately. The technicians at American Pest Solutions have decades of experience removing termites, and we can provide you with easy prevention measures to make sure termites stay gone. Don’t let your house become the next Shangri-La for a termite colony, call the experts at the first sign of trouble for reliable termite control.