The Stinky Pest That Can Hide in Your Hartford Walls

A close up image of a stink bug

Hartford, Connecticut, has many parks, beautiful open spaces, and, unfortunately, bugs. Stink bugs are one of the pests that may find their way into your Hartford home. During the fall they look for a warm place to wait out the winter, and your house makes the perfect hideout. If you’ve come into contact with them before, you may know that when crushed, they let out a foul odor. Here’s everything else you should know about stink bugs.


These bugs are brown and cream-colored, and they can grow up to 5/8 of an inch. They’re shaped like a knight’s shield and have a hard exterior. This shield shape separates them from other similar beetles such as the spotted lanternfly and the kissing bug. The spotted lanternfly, as the name suggests, has spots across its body, and is often more brightly colored than the stink bug. The kissing bug is longer than a stink bug and reddish-brown instead of the stink bug’s lighter brown and cream.


Although stink bugs don’t bite, they are certainly still considered a pest. They give off a bad smell, which can be extremely intense if you have an infestation. Stink bugs feed on fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, destroying them and making them inedible for humans.
Stink bugs infest houses during the fall and winter. As they reach adulthood in the early fall, they make their way into homes to escape the cold of winter. They’ll find places to hide, such as attics, closets, and even the spaces inside your walls. They’re attracted to light and you will see them around your house during the day before they hide for the night. If they survive until spring, they’ll emerge to lay eggs before summer. Those eggs will hatch, reach adulthood, and continue the unfortunate cycle.


To prevent stink bugs from coming into your house, you want to make it less attractive and more difficult to enter. You can start by switching all outdoor bulbs from white to yellow lights, deterring both stink bugs and other insects as well. You can also wipe down your doors and window screens with a dryer sheet. Stink bugs don’t like the scent. Finally, keep them out by sealing holes and cracks and blocking off entry points with screens and netting. If you start to see stink bugs around your home, you can kill one outside so that the scent will act as a warning for other stink bugs.
If stink bugs have already gotten into your home, some natural remedies may help control them. There are a few different natural sprays you can make, including mixing water with garlic or with mint essential oil.
If you can’t control stink bugs on your own, let American Pest Solutions take control of the situation. Years of experience and high-quality tools allow us to quickly and effectively eliminate a stink bug infestation before it causes any more harm to you, your family, and your home.