How To Avoid Bothersome Fruit Flies

Fruit flies attached to an open piece of lime

Fall is in the air, which means you may be enjoying your favorite pumpkin spice latte or hot apple cider. You might be preparing for Thanksgiving or celebrating the abundance of the harvest. However, the fall season also means a surplus of fruit flies. If you love fruit, you may have encountered small gnats flying around your kitchen. They hang out near fruit, other foods, and garbage. Fruit flies aren't dangerous to humans, but they are extremely bothersome, and they can carry bacteria. It’s best to enjoy your fall season without fending off these tiny annoying pests.

Identifying Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are tiny, but they often arrive in large numbers. They’re most common during harvest time when there are lots of fruits and vegetables around. They can be identified by their bright red eyes, brown or black bodies, and by the fact that you’ll find them hanging around the fruit. They lay eggs on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and they multiply quickly. Because their eggs hide on fruit, you could bring home several without knowing. Suddenly you can have an infestation on your hands. If not controlled, fruit flies can easily number in the thousands, and they can spread bacteria as they fly around your fruit, your garbage, and other food in your home. It’s never a good idea to let insects carry bacteria around your kitchen, and fruit flies are no exception.

Attracting Factors

Fruit flies receive their name because they are found around fruit, their primary food source. They can become especially active if you have overripe fruit sitting out. They may also be attracted to rotting products and organic garbage, even to raw meat. Besides food, fruit flies like moisture. You might find them around wet mops, dirty sponges, used dishcloths, or dirty laundry.

Fruit Fly Elimination

To keep fruit flies out of your house, you should try to eliminate the factors that attract them. Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture around your home, and make sure to dry out cleaning products before storing them completely. Another way to prevent fruit flies is to wash fruit immediately after bringing it home and storing it in the fridge, where temperatures are too cold for fruit fly survival.
If fruit flies get inside, you can make homemade traps by combining vinegar and dish soap in a small bowl, or by leaving a mostly empty bottle of beer or wine on the counter. These sweet smells will attract and trap fruit flies. There are many other do-it-yourself tricks for a small fruit fly problem, but unfortunately, most only work with moderate success. 
If fruit flies become more active and cause a severe infestation, American Pest Solutions can help. We have experience dealing with all kinds of pests, including fruit flies. With our expertise and our expert tools, we can eliminate your fruit fly problem in no time. Don’t let fruit flies spoil the greatness of this harvest season. Let us take care of your fruit flies while you slip out for one more perfect fall drink.