What Spring Termite Damage Means For New England Homes

Large colony of termites infesting a New England home.

If termites were a seasonal pest, they might be easier to get a handle on. We’d know when to look for them and we’d have the advantage of getting a break from their activity in order to assess the damage done. Unfortunately, they are not a seasonal pest. Termites are active year round and cause damage that too often goes unnoticed every month of the year. So if they’re not seasonal, what does spring termite damage mean for New England homes?

Why Spring is Sometimes Called Termite Season

Spring offers one of the best opportunities for New England homeowners to recognize termites on their property. Termites spend the vast majority of their time out of sight. But, in spring, swarmers, or reproductive, termites come out of hiding for a brief period of time to mate. These termites might not be out long, but they leave behind a clue to their presence. Swarmer termites are the only termites with wings, but they shed them when they find a mate. That means that even if you don’t see the swarmers, you may see a pile of shed wings to alert you that they've been and gone.

While seeing swarmers or their discarded wings is a great way to know there are termites around, the bad thing is that a termite swarm means there is a large colony somewhere nearby. Swarmer termites are only sent out of well-established colonies to mate. It also means that new colonies are about to be formed because each mated pair starts their own colony after mating.

Signs of Termites

If you happen to see a termite swarm or their wings, you’ll want to call a professional pest control company right away. If you don’t see a swarm, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re free of termites. It’s important to look for other signs of them too. Some possible signs of termites include:

  • Finding small holes in wooden structures.
  • Seeing little piles of a sawdust-like substance below these holes.
  • Finding mud tubes along the foundation of your home.
  • Seeing tunnel-like indents on wood that meets the soil or is in a high-moisture area.

What to Do if You See Signs of Termites

If you see any signs of termites, it’s imperative to immediately call the pest control professionals at American Pest Solutions. Termites can cause extensive damage to your home, even to the point of making it uninhabitable.

Of course, your best course of action is to prevent termites before they arrive. To do this, American Pest Solutions is also your best bet. We use the Advance Termite Bait System which not only keeps termites out of your house but also eliminates the entire colony.

Whether spring termite damage has hit or you want to protect your New England home from future damage, give American Pest Solutions a call. We’d love to help make your home termite-free this spring.