When Are Carpenter Bees Active In Springfield?

A carpeter bee damaging a wooden stricture on a spring field property

During spring and summer, many types of insects become more active on our properties. Some of these insects, such as honey bees, are beneficial to the environment, while others are more of a nuisance. There are many different species of stinging insects here in Springfield, but carpenter bees might be the most annoying to have around your home.

Carpenter bees are most active from the beginning of spring through the end of summer. During this time period is when they breed, lay their eggs, and do the most damage to the structural integrity of homes across Springfield.

How to identify a carpenter bee

Unlike other species of bees, carpenter bees are solitary insects that don’t belong to larger hives or colonies. Occasionally, you may see a small group of carpenter bees, which usually consists of a mother and daughters; in most cases, however, you will only spot one carpenter bee at a time. Female carpenter bees invade residential and commercial buildings by drilling dime-sized holes into wooden components of the structure. Once these holes are made, the female carpenter bee will lay her eggs.

Carpenter bees are often confused with bumble bees because of their similar size and shape (about 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches in length). However, carpenter bees can be distinguished by their shiny black abdomens that are absent of stripes.

Damage caused by carpenter bees

While carpenter bee damage is not as widely known as the damage caused by termites and carpenter ants, carpenter bees are still capable of causing problems for the structure of your residential or commercial building. Carpenter bees are not very social insects, but female carpenter bees will often choose to infest the same structure. Over time, as carpenter bees keep returning to a Springfield property year after year, the wooden structure will begin to weaken. Additionally, woodpeckers will seek out carpenter bee eggs and larvae to eat, which can lead to further damage at a faster rate.

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