Where Carpenter Ant Damage Occurs In New England Homes

A carpenter ant tunneling through a wooden structure on a property in new england

Summer is peak season for carpenter ants in New England; this puts homes at risk of damage from these pests. It’s important to know what carpenter ant damage looks like and where it’s most commonly found.

Why is summer peak season for carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants go dormant in the winter. As spring approaches, they begin preparing for a busy season of reproduction and growth. Carpenter ant swarmers will fly off and mate, leaving the female to go off and find a place to start her colony and lay her eggs; she will seal herself off in a crack or hole, and stay with her eggs until they are mature enough to emerge.

By the time summer arrives, these carpenter ants have established their new colonies, and worker ants are happily tunneling away, foraging for food and helping to grow the colony.

Why are homes at risk from carpenter ants in summer?

Carpenter ants prefer damp wood and, after a wet spring, they get busy doing their best to wreak havoc on your home throughout the summer. While carpenter ants don’t consume wood as termites do, they do tunnel through it - pushing the wood out as they burrow through. Structurally, this activity does as much damage as a termite infestation can.

What does carpenter ant damage look like and where is it found?

With carpenter ants, you will often find small holes in the undersides of your deck, around window trim, or in any other untreated wood around your home. As they tunnel in, you will often find piles of wood shavings around these openings. As carpenter ants continue to grow their colonies, you may hear them moving about.

Why call a professional?

It is difficult to control carpenter ant infestations with DIY methods, as getting to their nest can be near impossible for the average homeowner. At American Pest Solutions, our state-certified technicians will inspect your property and present you with a treatment plan. We have years of experience eradicating wood-destroying insects from New England homes.

If you spot large black ants inside or around your home, don’t take any chances. If you suspect that you have a problem with wood-destroying pests, then it is best to contact a professional immediately. To secure help in protecting your home, contact American Pest Solutions today!