What's Attracting Fleas To My Hartford Home?

a small flea fluttering along the hairy skin of a hartford resident

If there is just one thing bad about summer, it has to be the frustrating resurgence of summer pests each year. Think about it - almost everything else about summertime in Hartford is enjoyable and fun, but when it comes to pest infestations, "fun" is not a word most people would use.
Fleas are parasitic pests that must feed on human or animal blood to survive. Usually, fleas prefer the blood of animals rather than humans; however, if there is no other available food source, they will not hesitate to bite you. While many Hartford residents may be under the impression that only pets are responsible for introducing fleas into homes, this is not always the case. You don’t have to own a pet to find your home infested with fleas!

Problems caused by fleas

Fleas are some of the most annoying and difficult pests to get rid of without professional help. These tiny insects use their strong hind legs to jump away from threats, travel to new hosts, and find areas to hide. Fleas also reproduce rapidly, which means your home could start with one flea and end up with several thousand within a matter of months. Flea bites are small, itchy, and cause irritation to the skin of both humans and pets; additionally, flea bites may lead to open wounds and skin infections if itched excessively. Fleas also carry bacteria, such as Murine typhus, Bartonella henselae; and parasites, such as tapeworm.

How to avoid attracting fleas to your Hartford home

Fleas are not out there searching for ways to enter your Hartford home; instead, they are brought onto your property by riding on a host. It is possible that you may bring fleas into your home after spending time outdoors; however, it is more likely that your pet or another animal will give fleas a way into your home. If you don’t have any pets, the way you may be attracting fleas to your property is by attracting the pests that are commonly associated with fleas, such animals include rats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels.

If fleas are infesting your Hartford home, there’s also a good chance you may have another underlying pest problem. The following steps may help you resist pest animals on your property:

  • Reduce or remove food sources that may encourage pest activity on your property. These food sources may be open trash bins, leftover soda cans, pet food, or food left on your counters.
  • Repair torn window screens, seal gaps along your exterior walls, and ensure your ventilation system is properly covered.
  • Keep thick foliage and brush on your property to a minimum. Fleas and other pests like to hide in unkempt lawns and cluttered sheds.

Why to choose professional flea treatment

There are plenty of DIY tips and tricks you can find online that claim to be the solution to a flea infestation. Unfortunately, things that seem too good to be true usually are. DIY flea solutions are often taxing, require large amounts of time, and simply don’t work, which is why professional flea treatment and control is always your best line of defense.

Here at American Pest Solutions, we work hard to give your Hartford property what it needs to keep pests such as fleas out of your home year-round. For a free evaluation, or to learn more about our flea control options, contact American Pest Solutions today!