Benefits Of Professional Termite Control For New England Homeowners

A swarm of growing termites tunneling through a wooden structure on a Hartford Connecticut property

One of the benefits of living in New England is getting a winter reprieve from the pests that plague us all summer. Some people are under the mistaken impression that once the cold weather hits, all insects die off, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. One pest that stays active year-round is the termite. Due to the damage they cause, there are great benefits to having professional termite control for New England homeowners.

Why Termites are a Problem in New England Year-Round

Termites spend their lives underground. When it starts getting colder, they become less active, but they don’t die. Instead, they dig deeper into the ground to wait out the winter. Once they get into a home, the temperature is no longer a problem for them. Within the climate-controlled environment of your house, termites can remain active all year long, tunneling through your home and causing extensive damage.

Because they spend their lives hidden away, either underground or within your walls or crawl spaces, termites can be in or around your house for a long time without your knowledge. This allows them to dig tunnels through the wood structures in your house, weakening them and causing costly damage.

The Benefits of Professional Termite Control for New England Homeowners

The hidden nature of termites also makes them nearly impossible to prevent from getting into your house without professional control. The signs they leave of their presence are so subtle that they’re almost always overlooked, and the more obvious signs indicate a well-established colony is already present.

The best way to prevent termites is by getting professional termite control from American Pest Solutions. We offer both liquid and baiting treatments that are incredibly effective at keeping termites out of your house and off your property.

Our liquid termite treatment works by applying a liquid barrier in the soil around the perimeter of your house. Termites must cross the barrier to get to your house and when they do, they come in contact with the termiticide without realizing it. They then spread it to the rest of their colony, eventually killing off all termites in the colony.

Termite bait systems work by being placed in strategic locations around your property. Foraging termites find them and take the bait back to their colonies, eliminating any active termites around. These systems work 24/7 to protect your home against termites.
Don’t leave your home open to an invasion that you can’t see. Contact American Pest Solutions to discuss which termite control treatment is best for you.