American Pest Solutions Eliminates Rodents In New England Homes

A mice underground

If you believe you could be sharing your house with rodents, American Pest Solutions is here to help! These furry creatures are unwelcome house guests that cause lots of problems. We want you to be rid of them as much as you do. Unfortunately, if you have seen one rodent, it’s very likely there are several more running around in secret locations. It’s common for rodent problems to be much larger than homeowners expect. Therefore, as soon as you notice rodent signs, action is needed! The best way to take action is to contact your local pest control expert.

Identifying Signs of Rodents in Your Home

Both mice and rats have the potential to invade your home this winter, so let’s take a look at the signs of each:

  • With their continuously growing incisors, both of these rodents will chew their way through insulation, drywall, electrical wires, personal items, and more. If you find gnaw marks on wooden structures and holes in food packaging, this is a good indicator of a rodent infestation. Cupboards and pantries are a likely place to find their activity.
  • You’re likely to notice droppings they've left in their wake. Mice tend to leave more droppings and are smaller than rats.
  • You may see rodents scurrying around your home and hear them behind your walls or in your attic.
  • Mice are smaller than rats and have furry tails, while rats are larger and have hairless tails.

For more details on identifying which rodent you’re dealing with, check out our mice and rat pest identification pages.

DIY Methods Don't Work

DIY control methods are often ineffective and frustrating. After catching a few rodents, the noises in your walls may stop, allowing you to think they’re gone. A week later you may notice droppings in the kitchen cupboards. Rodents are elusive and smarter than we anticipate. If you catch a few in one area and think they’ve evacuated the property, it may be that they’ve only moved on to another area of the house and are creating more damage there. These pests multiply quickly. As soon as you catch one batch, another batch will show up. If one rodent can get in, more can keep coming in. There’s a reason they entered and there’s a reason they keep coming.

Seek Professional Help

American Pest Solutions can provide just what you need to eliminate your rodent infestation. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to these pests. Our board-certified entomologist provides specialized education for all our professionals, as well as on-going training, allowing our technicians to stay up-to-date on the most effective ways to handle pests and protect your home. You can even book an appointment with our entomologist and have him look at your property firsthand.

American Pest Solutions offers customized solutions to fit your needs and provides ongoing protection from future infestations. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain a rodent-free environment!