Why You Shouldn't Tackle Winter Rodent Infestations Alone

Mouse on the ground.

Rodents can be very clever. They gain access to homes during the winter months in a variety of ways. Some, like roof rats, climb up trees, jump onto roofs, and sneak in through small gaps, weak soffits, or damaged gable vents. Mice can squeeze through cracks and crevices in the foundation. One very common area where rodents get in is through spaces around utility entrances where wires, cables, and plumbing enter a home. Once they find a small hole that they can get to, they can gnaw on it to make it big enough for them to get through. The size hole needs only to be as big as a dime for a small mouse to squeeze through.

Once rodents get into a home, they are extremely hard to get rid of. Your home offers everything they need; shelter and warmth, as well as, access to food and water. It’s actually the perfect place for them to raise their families. However, they are going to set up nests in areas that are hidden away where people cannot gain access to them. Rodents can live very well avoiding every trap and bait station that is set up for them. And the elimination of a few rodents will not cure the overall problem. There can be many more rodents in the recesses of your home that you will never see.

Getting rid of rodents alone is a daunting task that can be costly, time-consuming, dangerous, messy, and not entirely effective, leaving families and pets at risk of exposure to contaminated foods, surfaces, fleas, ticks, and dangerous illnesses. Not to mention the damage that can occur when a rodent infestation is present, including fires and flooding.

A pest control professional can take care of a rodent problem safely, quickly, and effectively. Here at American Pest Solutions, we offer a number of options to help protect your home from these dangerous pests. We provide prompt residential services to keep homes protected against the threat of rodent infestations. Our Pest Guard offers complete integrated protection against common household pests including rodents and insect pests, throughout the year.

Teaming up with American Pest Solutions to protect your home means that you can experience a rodent-free home all year long. All you have to do is give us a call. That way our fully licensed, experienced service technicians can get started as soon as possible. We not only provide rodent removal but also structural repair and exclusion services as well.