Are You Making Your Hartford Property A Target For Mosquitoes?

Mosquito on water in Hartford, CT.

Are mosquitoes ruining your outdoor plans this summer? If you’re starting to think your property could have more of these annoying pests than the average Hartford home, you may be right. There are several things that you may be doing to make your home a target for mosquitoes without even realizing it. It’s important to learn what attracts mosquitoes in order to deter them from your property.

If you own a bug zapper and you think it’s getting rid of your mosquitoes, you’re wrong. According to, results from two studies done at the University of Notre Dame show that there is no difference in the number of mosquitoes with or without bug zappers in the yard. Bug zappers tend to actually do more harm than good by killing off non-pest insects that feed on the mosquitoes. The total amount of female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite, killed by these devices was only 0.13%. The reason behind this is that mosquitoes are much more likely to be attracted to you than the bug zappers.

Another common mistake that attracts mosquitoes is allowing areas of standing water to remain around your property. During the summer months, there could be various sources of standing water on your property including kiddie pools, gutters, and small puddles. Mosquitoes only need an inch of water in order to breed, which is a fairly small amount. There may be many of these tiny amounts of standing water on your property that you could miss. For example, any toys left out in the yard may collect small amounts of rainwater when it rains. In order to stop mosquitoes from breeding in your yard, it is important to eliminate as much standing water from your property as possible. In addition, dumping out and refilling birdbaths and small pools once a week will help prevent mosquitoes from breeding in them as well.

Mosquitoes are great at finding places to hide. Piles of debris and overgrown grass or bushes may attract these pests to your property. If you have a pile of leaves in your yard, they’re most likely hiding in there. Mowing your grass regularly and keeping your yard free of debris will help eliminate any places that they might seek out and rest during the heat of the day.

Since mosquitoes are quite relentless pests, it can be extremely difficult to keep them away. Not to mention there are so many things that could be missed that could allow these pests to continue breeding and thriving on your property. Oftentimes, DIY attempts at preventing mosquitoes fail and may even become more frustrating than the actual mosquito problem! In addition, trying to eliminate all the areas of standing water around your yard can be a constant battle. For all of these reasons, we recommend enlisting the help of a pest control professional!

American Pest Solutions can provide the services needed to eliminate your mosquito problems! Our trained and experienced technicians will investigate and treat all areas around your Hartford home, so you won’t have to worry about mosquito problems any longer. We offer a Mosquito Guard program that provides season-long protection against mosquitoes throughout the whole of mosquito season. With this program, our highly-trained specialists will visit your property every 3-4 weeks from April to October to ensure that your property remains mosquito-free so you can get out and enjoy the summer weather and all of your outdoor activities. This application schedule also reduces the spread of mosquito-borne transmission by up to 92%! If you have other pest problems that you are worried about, no problem! You can also add Mosquito Guard program to a Pest Guard home pest control plan. Contact us at American Pest Solutions for more information on our mosquito control options!