How To Get Rid Of Mice

rodent found in springfield home

Springtime brings fresh air, sunshine, and warmer weather. It’s time to air out our homes and businesses and do some much needed spring cleaning. Do you think those winter pests that have stayed inside for so long will move on and find a new place to reside? They probably won’t go willingly because they have already become used to their comfortable nests and are raising their young ones close to food and water sources. Not only that, but they are also well protected from outdoor predators that could harm or eat them. So, those mice will not budge, and you are in need of a plan of action to find and eliminate your unwanted guests.

In order to remove all of the mice from your home or business you will need to call a professional pest control company right away. However, there are some things you can do to prevent an infestation next time. You should seal up all entry points by caulking all cracks, holes and crevices. Anywhere there is a dime sized entry; it will need to be blocked off securely. Keeping your lawn mowed and free of overgrowth will make your yard unattractive to mice. Remove piles of wood, grass, brush, junk, or other materials that mice enjoy living and hiding in. You must at least move items farther away from your building. If you need supplies or wood piles nearby, you should elevate them from the ground to discourage nesting. You should reduce standing water by emptying and removing items that accumulate rain water. Pet or other food should never be left outdoors, and outdoor food spills should be cleaned up promptly. Keep your trash bins securely covered and away from the side of your home so that mice won’t be tempted to enter your home. Inside your home, you should keep all food sources tightly sealed and immediately clean food messes. You should also contact a pest control company for more information about mice control and solutions concerning a mice infestation.

The only way to know for sure that you get rid of all mice residing in your home or workplace is with the help of a pest control technician. You can get that peace of mind that comes from knowing that the problem will be solved effectively and efficiently when you give American Pest Solutions a call. We offer comprehensive pest solutions in the Springfield and Hartford areas.