Termites And Spring

Swarming Termites in Massachusetts.

Spring is a time for getting out into the yard and cleaning things up. It is a time for raking, bagging, and mowing. It is a time for planting and plucking. It is also a time to keep a wary eye out for swarming termites.

Spring is the time of year when subterranean termites take to the air. Not all of them. Just the select termites that are created by colonies for the purpose of establishing new nests. These flying termites are called swarmers.

While termite swarmers can be a sign of an impending termite infestation, most often, they are a sign of a current infestation. Termite swarmers don't travel very far from their point of origin. If you're seeing swarmers crawling on your exterior walls, it is more likely they came from within, rather than from somewhere else. And termite swarms don't last long. When all of those winged alates take to the sky, it doesn't take long for them to select a mate, and look for a place to develop a new nest. When you see swarmers, it is definitely time to call a professional to do a detailed inspection of your property.

Since termite swarms don't last long, you may not see them at all. So, it is important to recognize shed wings as a sign that a termite swarm has occurred on your property. These wings are white with a black area at the smallest point. They are slightly transparent and of a similar size. If you find them on the interior of your home, they are likely to be on window sills. Subterranean termites are attracted to light. This attraction to light may allow you to see a swarm if it happens at night. They will flutter around streetlights and exterior lights around your home.

As you're getting your spring cleaning done, and preparing your yard for the warmer weather, do a check on your basement walls for mud tubes. If you have mulch, lift areas up and look underneath for white-winged swarmers. And look for termite damage on wood that touches the soil or is in a moist shaded area.

We hope these tips help you better protect your home from termite damage, but the best solution is to have termite protection as part of your ongoing pest plan. Subterranean termites are silent pests that can feed on a home for years without detection. Don't let these pests take a bite out of your equity. Let American Pest Solutions keep your investment safe. For more details, or for immediate assistance, reach out to us today.